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Lebrons elbow Injury


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I believe he has just a tennis-elbow injury, such as a sore arm in baseball. He needs to rest it until Saturday. The guy throws a 90MPH fastball, zipping passes all over the court. Would explain the deadness, numbness, and undetectable on MRI's and such. He actually needs two weeks of rest, IMO, but he ain't gonna get it so he has to hope to rest it until Saturday, hope not to strain it much in that next game and make it to Monday and so-on.


Gonna be interesting, but I wouldn't have him practicing.


Mike Brown is a tool and should be shown the door if they don't bring home a title this season.

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LeBron James unworried by troublesome right elbow: 'We'll figure it out'

By Brian Windhorst, The Plain Dealer

April 28, 2010, 8:40PM

UPDATED: 9:57 p.m.


LeBron James, like the rest of his teammates, rested Wednesday as the Cavs took the day off following their close-out Game 5 victory over the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday.


The rest was extra important to James, who battled a sore right elbow and took a free throw left-handed in the final seconds because of soreness. He got some treatment on the off day, icing the elbow and receiving electric stimulation therapy, which is a common treatment for minor joint injuries.


James will be examined by team doctors before the Cavs practice Thursday. It is possible James will be held out of any contact as a precaution. But the team does not think he'll miss any game time.


There is a chance James will get a second MRI this week after slamming the elbow on the court after an attempted blocked shot triggered the numbness and soreness that bothered James in the final moments of the game.


Doctors haven't found anything significantly wrong with James' elbow, though it has bothered him on and off for nearly a month. Most of the time, James said, he isn't in any discomfort. But occasionally after it is hit, he will experience numbness and stinging pain. That is what happened late in the game Tuesday.


"We'll figure it out," James said, not showing the least bit of worry. "We have the best docs in Cleveland."


An MRI performed Monday at the Cleveland Clinic, a day after James briefly left the floor with elbow soreness in Game 4 in Chicago, showed no serious damage. James has some swelling and has been wearing a protective sleeve for several weeks but doesn't know how the injury happened.


While the injury continues to bother James, neither he nor the Cavs believe it will keep him out of games. Currently, the search is to how to properly treat the injury to get James some relief.


However, seeing James take the bizarre free throw and flex his arm during the fourth quarter alarmed many fans.


"Cleveland fans have nothing to be worried about," he said. "They don't have any reason to panic."

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Did Mike Brown injure his elbow?


No, but he made a comment that he didn't even know Lebron had hurt his elbow. The elbow has been sore for at least a month, you'd think the coach would have taken some measures to get it back up to full strength before the playoffs.

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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- LeBron James is not expected to miss any of Cleveland's playoff games because of his strained right elbow and bone bruise.


The Cavaliers say James was re-examined Wednesday night by team doctors, who took more X-rays and an MRI. The tests revealed the strain and a bruised bone near the elbow.


James will have daily treatments and another MRI next week. The NBA's MVP has been wearing a padded sleeve over his elbow, which has been bothering him for weeks. He said his elbow occasionally goes numb.


The Cavs eliminated Chicago in five games in the opening round and begin their best-of-seven series against the Boston Celtics on Saturday.



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