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Who is Vera?

Mr. T

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Vera Baker


I don’t know why. Vera has been mentioned regarding an alleged romantic liaison with Obama. However, there may be nothing to the story whatsoever. New rumors are drifting around, but nothing that I believe.


I created a blog about Vera here. Vera Baker's own website disappeared within 30 minutes of this story first surfacing. It has as much as I currently know about Vera. In Dem circles, she is known as a very capable fund raiser.




30m5yqr.jpg No this is not Vera, it is a 16 year old girl.


And this reminds me of Bill Clinton and Hillary taking a vacation along the beach right before the lady with the blue dress arrived OBAMA CHEATING SCANDAL Didn't we hear all anout the fast vacation getaway for Michelle and barry in Ashville NC last weekend.


Lets see if this has any legs to it, at the present most of the web stories are being deleted.

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