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Giant gardening hell week...


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This evening, Dad and I will have planted 900 tomato plants.


The rest of the huge garden will go in pretty quickly.


But Dad took the last couple of days to work on his own smaller garden,


we have all planted...


and I went over and picked big rocks out of the old farmer's next door's field,


while he drove his backhoe, front end loader, he hasn't planted it for years...


I volunteered, knowing that he'd have to get in and out of his big tractor rig


about 30 times or more and he's an older guy),


and we cut 4 acres of our hay, (a high grade hybrid timothy and thin stemmed


alfalfa blend), and I think I'll work on the garden til about 3 AM so my Dad


doesn't have to do any real work tomorrow...


my wonderful cute Wifie made me take a break, and I fell asleep in my easy sofa chair,


so now I hurt all over, my neck is sunburnt, I have to water the garden which already takes


about 45', put in two posts to hang some heavy duty fence for the pole beans and cukes,


with our JD diesel and our popular post hole digger jobbie)


and tomorrow go help Dad mulch his garden because I finished tonight, and trim around the


out buildings with our weed whacker, while she uses the disc to kill the weeds currently


coming up in our soybean field, and we'll plant soybeans hopefully Tues.


So, I can't wait to go to our friends' party Monday,


oh crap, I forget 11 more strawberry plants and two more blackberry plants,


and watering the remaining plants in the greenhouses,


and grind the rust from inside our farm truck trailer hitch, and rent a lifter


to get about 35 sheets of 5/8 in 4' x 8' plywood 14' up into the hayloft,


(because we haven't cemented the floor in


yet), we have to screw all those sheets down, then I have to go spray the




I am so tired, it hurts my hands to type.


We LOVE farming. LOL

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let us knw when you have some fresh tomatoes Siperbowl



Deal ! I can't wait for the ancongria sweet banana peppers, too. They


are great tasting.


If I ever get time, I'm going to hit the jacuzzi for a few hours.

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Mike, I'll call you later on in the week....


it rained on our hay.. @@, and I have to go rake in again, if it stops raining and the sun comes out.


Otherwise, we'll just use it for mulch. And I can't plant in the garden yet - too wet...


One of our tomato varieties is Triple "L" crop, which is a Russian tomato that can grow to 24'.


No kidding, unless it was a typo in the catalog...


This garden is going to be a fascinating work.


But next year, we'll have learned what we wanted to learn, and will not do so many




I have to go cut several wild charry trees down and cut em up for firewood - the old farmer gave me all those trees


along the edge of his future pasture - he's going to start a beef herd again.


Enteric asperin does a nice job.

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Sorry, Mike, but I have been, and am not done, til maybe after another week.


Meanwhile, I was exhausted, and still mulching tomato plants up until dark last night, when a


little downpour hit, so I quit and started to walk to our home.


Well, I slipped (stupid freakin tennis shoes that are worn so I don't care if I get em all muddy)


and badly, and tried to break my fall, but my fingers slid on the mud, and I sprained em, and the next


second, my elbow jammed into the ground, and the impact felt like my shoulder exploded.


X-rays this morning are all negative, arm is in a sling, we'll see how it responds, and if necessary,


go to a shoulder specialist...


and tomorrow morning I'll go back to trying to finish the garden.


The upside is I didn't fall on my shovel.




You'll be hearing from me about two weeks from now, due to the


STUPID RAIN that ruined our first hay cutting.



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We'll talk when you're up to it. If you need some help with chores or whatever, let me know.

BTW, I went through YEARS of therapy for my right shoulder & was looking at surgery until I found a fantastic shoulder specialist, DR Gerald Klimo with Omni Orthopaedics in North Canton, Ohio. I had 2 appointments with this Surgeon, who told me that shoulder surgery is often NOT needed. I have not had to go back since the second visit, & I am ABSOLUTELY SOLD on this guy! If you're looking for a Doctor for the shoulder, he's the best IMHO.


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Thanks ! But you already have a job. GGG


My Dad will be caught up with his garden sometime Wed,


and will come back up and help me with our huge one.


However, I am going to try to finish before then, if it will just....


stop....raining, and I don't have another accident @@


I didn't know my arm was so heavy til I wore this sling all day.


crap. This is going to cramp my style for a while in a big way. LOL

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