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what a farguing oil contamination disaster


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In the government... especially Congress and the White House,


fools and jokers in BP...


now fools and jokers as local fishermen.



Idiots abound all around, and far too few principled people to lead.


<H1 class=Headline>Fishermen Cutting Into Booms Set To Protect Shores</H1><H2 class=SubHead>Crews Block Areas To Prevent Spread Of Oil Spill</H2>POSTED: 5:28 pm CDT May 25, 2010


RIGOLETS, La. -- As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill cuts off more fishing areas, some fishermen are cutting in to access their favorite fishing spots.


In Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Bourge, near the Rigolets, where booming efforts continue, the folks who use the area the most are now the ones who are hampering some of the efforts.


Todd Duke with Resolve Marine Group has been setting up booms around St. Bernard, St. Tammany and Orleans parishes for nearly a month. Nearly 25 miles of boom has been put out to protect Lake Pontchartrain and the surrounding marshes, but now some of that boom is being cut.


"When we go in and replace cut pollution boom, that's 100 feet or 65 feet that we can't use somewhere else to protect grasslands or inlands," Duke said.


Jim Swatman of BP said the cut boom was protecting the fragile wetlands south of grand pass.


"We've had some fishermen that have their favorite fishing holes out there, and unfortunately, we've had to boom across them, and equally unfortunate, some of them have cut the boom and (are) doing their fishing," Swatman said.


While all the boom has been replaced, Swatman said this is an ongoing problem.


"It happens pretty much every day. Over the weekend, we had a little more because there was more people out there, but we are finding places every day with the boom cut," Swatman said.


Duke said they are doing their best to just deploy boom on the banks and not close the fishing grounds, but he said fishermen need to do their part and be more prudent mariners.


"If the boom is destroyed and the oil gets in, that fishing spot is not going to be there," Duke said.


If caught, the fishermen will be cited and charges could range from destruction of property to federal charges.

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It's strange, the Obamao regime admits they are now responsible and in charge.


I think they announced it because it seems that the mud pumping was working, and was


going to be successful.


Then it, too, failed.


BTW, it's the libs who restricted the drilling to deep water. Brilliant.


What libs do always seems to initiate the opposite result from their "intentions"...

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