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Our Defense, WTF


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Why are we the only team in the NFL that starts playing the prevent defense in the 1st qtr. If Tucker is going to rush 3 guys, then he can at least take a super slow LB out and bring in a little speed.


This scheme is the worst I can ever remember. It gives a new meaning to "bend but don't break".


Rush the damn passer, blitz him every down and make him throw under distress. If you get beat long, so be it. It is better then watching the team march down the field every posession. There's a reason we can't hold a lead in the final quarter. Look at the time of posession every game. They march down the field in 10 plays and score. We go three and out. The defense is back on the field and they march with a 12 play drive and score. Kick to us and Cribbs returns it to midfield and then we go 3 and out. Defense is spent, period. Again, they suck for letting the other team march down the field, but maybe if we put some pressure on the QB we can create a turnover or get their offense off the field.


Maybe the coaches feel the defense isn't good enough to put a pass rush on the other team so he drops everybody into coverage. Then, just hoping they can hold them to a field goal. Whatever it is, it sucks.

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The Browns gave up 16 to Houston last week.


Indianapolis gave up 27 to Houston the week before that.




Just remember numbnutz is defending our defense, so he can't use it as an excuse for DAs consistent losses anymore. Hey at least DA is consistent as something.

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