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Bolt Review

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Walt Disney Pictures

PG 96 min




Well gang, today is Thanksgiving Day and my birthday so I’m in a pretty good mood.

Sure I could waste time bitching about Democrats or the stock market or the Browns but why bother?

Even though this issue won’t get to you until after the holiday it’s never too late to think about all the good things in life no matter how you believe they come to us.

At any rate many are going to spend time doing some holiday shopping in one of the local retail war zones and most of those will have a multiplex theater.

Here’s a tip. Take a couple hours and see BOLT.

Yes the basic plot’s been done before; yes it’s a Disney film; no there aren’t many big stars; yes it’s PG rated and no there’s no blood or naked women. Deal with it.

It is, however, the most exciting and fun and heartwarming animated feature since, well THE INCREDIBLES by the same guys.

I mentioned the plot is, shall we say, a time honored one in which a domestic pet winds up in dire straits and must make a heroic journey home, but there are a couple twists.

You see Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) is an actor who stars in a TV series in which he uses his powers to save his mistress Penny (Miley Cyrus) from evildoers on a weekly basis.

The rub is that Bolt doesn’t know he’s acting. The little fellow truly loves Penny and would do anything to protect her so the producers never allow him to find out that the super deeds are smoke and mirrors.

Well a mishap occurs and our hero winds up in New York City, three thousand miles from his beloved Penny.

Upon this perilous journey the pup will enlist the aid of a couple new friends, Mittens, a streetwise alley cat (Susie Essman) and Rhino, an intrepid hero worshiping hamster (Mark Walton) who very nearly steals the show.

Along the way these three bond and Bolt comes to grips with reality but don’t worry because the ghost of Walt Disney would never allow unresolved crises.

The story is near perfect the characterizations excellent all around and the animation top notch.

Watch for the recurring pigeon trio.

The best movie of the year.

So far.





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