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World Pressure Cooker Ready to Blow!


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Nice Essay, by Hawk


World Pressure Cooker Ready to Blow! Who Authorized War Against Syria? Turn your 201-K into Food Quickly!


As I write this commentary this early Monday AM the rapidity of events world wide and inside the U.S. seems to be winding up to high RPM like a Ferrari hitting 120 mph in second gear.......and dear readers it is only second gear on a 6 speed transmission. In other words, "you ain't seen nothing yet" ......it is just beginning.


Asian markets have dived off the high board again, Europe is following, and Dow Futures are deep in the red yet another time. The Market Oracle had an excellent article full of truth on 10/24/2008 .......detailing the possible collapse of the U.S. currency within 30 days and Real Gold going to $2000 very quickly with the collapse of COMEX Paper Gold or the Gold of Illusion.


All these $trillions of Dollars being created out of thin air by a Private Bank of Illuminati called the Fed and all of those authorized by Congress Traitors who abdicated their Constitutional Powers to Don Skelator Paulson and Don Bernake are getting ready to fall on your taxpayer shoulders like an mean 800 lb Gorilla with a sledge hammer. THE ILLUMINATI ARE STEALING YOUR MONEY RIGHT NOW. Even a guest commentator on CNBC last Friday used the word Illuminati in describing the faulty moves being done to the Economy by Paulson as a puppet for these Evil Money Power Demonic Lords.


Ukraine has joing ranks of Countries getting complete IMF bailout........now Metlife and Prudential are probably going to sell Derviative Junk Assets to the Treasury and get Bailed Out......and the Banks in U.S. are still borrowing about $437 billion per day from the FED Demons ...........which you will be expected to pay the interest on starting immediately. KNOW THIS ...THEY ARE ROBBING YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE AND MORE THAN THAT.....THEY WILL PUT YOU IN CIVILIAN WORK GANGS UNDER REGIONAL MILITARY GOVERNORS IF YOU SO MUCH AS QUESTION THEIR DEMONIC LORDSHIPS.


"Light House" Martial Law Plan Still Ready For Green Light


The command structure for this is still up and running and foreign units are still in the field, with U.S. Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force Joint forces on call, and reports now of more and more State Police being seen inside Cities where normally local Police or county Sherriffs have jursidiction. AWACS planes flying over Greenville, Texas in circle for hours on several days last week, reports of Army Humvees being parked in neigborhoods on side streets in Pittsburgh Metro Area all point to extremly heightened tensions particularly as I reported that all State, County, and City Police Departments received their Martial Law Authorization Packets from ReichLand Security. Colorado reports of trucks being stopped to look perhaps for "bad toadstools" last week ...(recall the score is probably still 3 for 5 as Detailed in the last Hawk's Talon) and False Flag hunger by the luciferian Nazis is still running at fever pitch.


Son of Chyort even detailed about the threats of mass civil disruptions in cities perhaps related to election Racial Politics...then of course he amended his remarks.........PEOPLE THEY WISH TO FOMENT RACIAL WARFARE IN THE U.S. AND THEN USE ITS FRUITS TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW AND TO BALKANIZE AMERICA.


We are Americans.........our enemies domestic are not our neighbors or some group based upon race, religion, creed, or color........OUR ENEMIES ARE THOSE LUCIFERIAN ILLUMINATI WHO WISH TO DESTROY THIS GREAT NATION......SUCK ITS LIFEBLOOD AND MARROW.....AND SUBJUGATE ITS PEOPLE AS CHATTEL. DO NOT FORGET THAT!


Who Authorized Invading Of Syria?


Sunday 4 U.S. military helos flew into Syrian territory and 2 landed with troops who stormed a structure in a desert village and killed 8 people though SkyNews originally reported 9 killed. Was there a loss of an American Soldier? This town and that particular structure were apparently responsible for smuggling weapons and foreign fighters into Iraq ........that is the tactical reason and no doubt a fine one. However, from a strategic view.......the U.S. just started another war with Syria and someone is attempting to Bait the Syrians , Hezballah in Lebanon, and Iran in making hasty mistakes and into attacking Israel and U.S. assets in order to give pretext to allout ALBERT PIKE WW III in the Mideast. Question here is where were the Russians who are at port in Tartus and Latakia Syria when this took place? Hmmm?


Not only Syria, but of course multiple attacks against targets inside Pakistan are going on quite regularly now........the Illuminati (at least one faction of it) who wish to DEPOPULATE EARTH IN BLOOD SACRIFICE TO LUCIFER by getting WW III started quickly. It will not be fought strictly in the Mid-East of Asia, but will come home to America from Russian Subs, Russian Spetsnaz, Chinese Restaurant Commandos, Iranian and Jihaddi infiltrators.......and that is if we survive Economic Collapse and potential Race War......or maybe it will all just come down at the same time or in such quick succession as the Ferrari hits 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th gears.


Heard It On The Backside


Three years ago I had information that some clandestine group of mil/intel was using University airports in the U.S. and probably invoking Official Secrecy to preclude discovery of their existance and purposes. That was confirmed through a source of Steve Quayle who had many stars on the epaulets though from the Ultra Black world of the Military. Some incidents may have been precluded at that time by those without equal ......mighty men and women of valor.


Now two weeks ago evidence of certain University initials began showing up in Radio designators heard on the free and clear military frequencies along with some initials for cities........these were sublimated into the current HF traffic using the de jure format of comms. Within days of their appearance some events seem to be possibly connected, though confirmation of same has not been had as yet, Dots are not that hard to connect! Among anomalous events that may be related to said initals being used........NY Giants Stadium power outtage........F-16 Combat Air Patrol over Cinncinati Metro area days after an Anti-terror drill was completed........forest fires in New Jersey and California......Campus lock down at Western Kentucky University after multiple men seen carrrying firearms were reported...though apparently no shots were fired.....now yesterday Central Arkansas University has a Lockdown and multiple shots fired by probably multiple subjects...though reports are very sparse out of Conway just north of Little Rock .......home of Democratic Honcho and TV Anchor recently murdered under mysterious conditions ...and of course historical home of the "Arkancide" from an era not so far in the past. Also, strange plane crash in Colorado involving two planes and subsequently last week reports of serious stoppage of trucks looking for ???? though high probable nuclear devices..........strange explosion of a restaurant in Kansas City and a murder of boys along the tracks in "tent city" in University of Kansas town of Lawrence 30 minutes away........as yet I have not seen any events as possible dots......but an OU........is still not matched up......whether University of Oregon, Oklahoma, or Ohio ....and I pray that it is not matched up. However, err with caution on this one as many Universities are also Bio-Research Centers with lots of poor security. BOLO for mil/intel of U.S. factions interested in False Flag pretexts or perhaps Israeli Art Students or Furniture Movers of same stripe.


Turn Your 201-k (half of 401-k you used to have) Into Food Quickly


With the pressure cooker being turned to high boil world wide I offer the following:


1. Neither Obama nor McCain will save you and this election probably won't be decided until January 2009.


2. Your stock and bond portfolios can fall even much more and if you want any of your money you might consider what the Richest People in the world are doing.......getting their $$$ into Gold, Cash, and bunker retreats while instructing their schills to tell your accountant , stock broker, anmd hence you ......hold for the long term! Folks it doesn't look like any long term scenario is very rosy .....at least until Lord Jesus returns and the last war is fought at Har Meggido.


3. Gold and Silver in the physical are hard to find at any price....obtain them if you can. See Steve Q's inventory above on this page.


4. If you can't obtain as much as you want.......then buy Food for your Family for 3 years.....not 30 days ......of course get as much as you can and figure using some of that "201-k" before you lose it too.......that might change the equation as to how much $ is discretionary for it. Those who can't afford much.....get whatever you can asap. Those who can affor alot.......buy your family's supply and then buy extra to feed those who are worthy and may come down your road.


5. Send a clear message by your actions..........how about record purchases of Firearms, ammunition, water purification, NBC gear, medical supplies, level 2A, 3, 3A, and 4 protection vests, and other necessary items for MAD MAX MERICA.....Put fear into Iluminati and Nazi hearts for a change!


6. Repent and seek Lord Jesus , as he really is the "real CIC"


by Hawk's essay

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