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Cowher or Marty ball ?


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Cowher ? That's all we need, a coach who will give us permanent ridicule by Steelers fans, if he wins or loses.


Either way, we had to have THEIR coach, instead of picking our own?


Besides, He says he won't coach a div team against the Steelers while they are owned by the Rooneys. I think he's having too much fun

living the easy life on TV.


I remember thinking Marty was a good coach, until a close game happened. Or the playoffs.

Then Marty infuriated most of anybody rooting for the Browns by going into an early prevent defense.


In the playoffs, he did it with San Diego. Marty goes conservative when he shouldn't.


Maybe he has learned his lesson the hard way. But the Drive is Marty's baggage. And when you don't have a

lb to watch Elway from running, but instead fall back in what I call the prevent? Forget it.


I can see Cowher as general manager is Savage goes, and Russ Grimm as HC.


But what I WANT to see, is all out anything goes aggressive defense and offense every single game.


No more laying back, reading and eventually chasing down after reacting. No more prevent defense? whatever you want to

call it, with way too much time on the clock.


I honestly think that once Tucker was gone, the ability to run the offense goes to crap because you can't run anything on Shaffer's side,

you can't drop back and make reads because Shaffer's guy already slammed you into the turf, and Shaffer let his guy fake outside, then zip inside of him and destroy running plays from working on that side...


Whatever. I think a run up the middle or to the left, and short quick passes are the only plays the Browns can run.


Most of that goes on Shaffer. He is that poor a tackle.

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Not sure what Shaffer's deal is, because he was damn solid the first year we had him.


He was playing on the left side until Thomas supplanted him, and I saw nothing special from him at all. He certainly played LT (though no the blindside blocker with a lefty QB) in Atlanta. Perhaps signing a LT to a huge FA deal to play RT wasn't a smart move. :rolleyes:


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Shaffer is NOT that bad.

When he had Tucker beside him he looked like a solid RT.

When he had Andruzzi besides him he looked like an awful LT.

Now he has Hadnot next to him and neither Shaffer or Fraley look that hot.


My point is Hadnot IS NOT Tucker and the line looks worse with said player.

We need a real RG over there, Hadnot is good depth, not a real starter.

Now I'm not saying Shaffer is a pro bowler, but he's solid until we can upgrade, and upgrading RG upgrades 3 spots.


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Well, obviously I don't have a clue about what the performances of the center/RG and RT have to do with each other...


but Shaffer is being shot past and buffaloed into the qb on the right side, as he used to be with the left.


With a solid tackle next to him, he can be a good backup OG.


But I'm just disgusted right now.


Bernie Kosar as quartback coach.

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