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Atogwe now an unrestricted free agent


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I kno that we drafted ward and asante, but I cant help but feel this would be an excellent pickup. I feel you can never have enough playmakers in the secondary and adding him would mean we went from:


2009 secondary


CB: Wright, Poteat, McDonald, Ivy


S: Pool, Elam, Adams, Sorensen



possible 2010 secondary


CB: Wright, Brown, Haden, McDonald


S: Atogwe, Ward, Elam, Asante


I dont know about you but with the addition of atogwe, that 2010 secondary would look scary

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At this point in our rebuilding and our unknown status I think atogwe is to expensiive for the browns to consider however if we had most of our parts in place and were looking to seriously contend we would be crazy to pass him up, i like him but he most likely wouldnt want to play in cleveland anyways..

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He's not unrestricted.


He is still a restricted free agent.


The difference is, the Rams did not extend their offer on June 1st, which means that he can negotiate with anyone, the Rams get no compensation, and they cannot match the offer.


It sounds like unrestricted free agency, but they don't label it that way.

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Well, let's ask this question: How good is he? I am not that familiar with him.


He's pretty solid. In 2009 they franchised him and ended up paying him over $6 million for last year. He was Ram's MVP in 2008 when he intercepted 8 passes. He won't last long on the market, he'll be starting somewhere soon ... Lions reportedly interested.



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