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Crop Circles, What is your take?

Mr. T

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Crop Circles, What is your take?


I was listening to George Noorey on Coast to coast am last night and they were talking about crop circles. They stated that some are known to be man made while others have them confused.

coast to coast here



crop_circles1.jpgMaybe they just want Cal's tomatoes. :D




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Yea I watched a show about them. They had 3 guys out in the field with their Wellies on with a stick and rope making these. Perfectly plausible. Yea right.


Do you know how hard for a team of people to make these, let alone 3 dairy farmers in North Yorkshire? These pop in overnight.


Anyone can say what they want, but I am 100% behind the fact most of these are made from an unearthly source.

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The universe is endless.


There has to be life on other planets...


we've all read Rich's posts, right? LOL


But the crop circles? I have a theory about those.


I think it could be a new forcefield technology, designed to deflect


particles and tiny objects in space from hitting our earthly spacecarft.


among other uses like defending cities from debris from volcanoes. etc.


Maybe technology learned from a recovered UFO ...


And the designs are simply complexly configured beams that individually, can create a designed defense,


and are tested by launching them against fields to see the results.


Like, maybe it's a force field beam created by say, a thousand beams with a thousand small beam projectors.


And the patterns are computerized adjustments made to the individual beams.


Well, that is what I figure is my best guess. @@

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I think that alien life exists. Somewhere. Even if we're alone in our galaxy, and if there is only one planet like ours in the entire galaxy, if those odds hold to each galaxy, then there are billions of other planets that are/were capable of life.


However, I think life is fleeting. Your civilization has one shot to find a plausible interstellar technology. If we can't find that before our home star goes red giant or before we kill ourselves off, then the evidence that we ever existed will be gone in the blink of the cosmic eye.


As for crop circles? I think they're man-made.

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