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TIDES Graduation Rate Report For Bowl Teams


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Thanks to Ballpeen who brought this subject up earlier, I just happened to come across the report just released showing grad rates of the teams involved in the bowl games this upcoming bowl season. Notre Dame and Navy both had 94% graduation rates.


Some interesting ones from the BCS Games. (GSR is Graduation Success Rate). Some compelling information in the whole report, which can be found TIDES Grad Rates For College Football Teams


Football Player GSR


Florida - 68%

Oklahoma - 46%

Texas - 50%

Ohio State - 52%

Penn State - 78%

USC - 54%

Utah - 57%

Alabama - 55%

Virginia Tech - 75%

Cincinnati - 73%


African American Football GSR


Florida - 61%

Oklahoma - 45%

Texas - 38%

Ohio State - 41%

Penn State - 77%

USC - 55%

Utah - 45%

Alabama - 48%

Virginia Tech - 71%

Cincinnati - 68%


White Football Player GSR


Florida - 86%

Oklahoma - 44%

Texas - 67%

Ohio State - 72%

Penn State - 81%

USC - 58%

Utah - 80%

Alabama - 74%

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You don't want me to tell you what kind of person I think would give this kind of response.

Oh, by all means feel free - while I agree these kids make millions for the universities, it is apparent where the emphasis is with some of these schools graduating half their football players. I'm so sorry - I thought college was for education. I might be wrong. Then again, perhaps the Wal-Mart workforce we are so saddled with in this generation.

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Why should the Grad rate really matter, these guys should be payed to play. They make millions for there schools.


So they are smart enough to put the safety lock on.

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Actually, most of the rates are in line or better with the 5 year grad rates of all students who enter college.


It looks low, and probably is a bit since at least some of the drop outs in the general population of college students has to be attributed to lack of funding, a problem a kid on scholarship doesn't face.


Linked is a graph from the ACT website.


As with any study of this nature, the interpretation of the numbers might vary from study to study, and the method in which the information is compiled could have a impact on the overall numbers, but overall I would think the numbers presented by ACT would at least be fair and representative of the real percentages.


Keep in mind the numbers presented are through 2002..a 5 year delay...so the new report isn't out yet....or I just can't find it ;)



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Colleges do a huge disservice to the kids when there is a huge gulf between black and white GSR's. Less than 10% make it to the NFL, yet we let them coast through school.


And yeah, Notre Dame is always at the top. We need to loosen the standards a bit and become South Bend the Rules.

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Hard to say why black graduation rates are lower.


Maybe it is because there are fewer white players on the team, making it easier to attain a higher percentage.


Maybe the white kids know they aren't good enough to be viable NFL options, so they buckle down more in the classroom.


Maybe schools are bias towards whites over blacks.


Maybe black students just aren't as smart(in the context of jocks)


I tend to think it is probably more a combination of the first two.

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