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The Destruction of U.S. Border States

Mr. T

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The Destruction of U.S. Border States

By Louis Thomas McFadden


While the 1980s and 1990s were dominated by optimistic reports and government statements on the contributions of illegal aliens, reality had to be faced soon. The three states—California, Texas and New York—harboring the most illegal aliens in America financially collapsed by the weight they chose to carry. They built up giant welfare programs, they paid for the education and incarceration of the aliens who filled their schools and jails and they watched the closures of large numbers of hospitals that were forced to care for the aliens by law. Some counties in Arizona spent as much as 30 percent of their health budget on illegals.


The constant injection of millions of illegal aliens have weakened and undermined the financial balance of all the U.S. border states to a degree where most of them are presently close to bankruptcy and suffer the financial effects of lowered credit ratings. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that the approximately two million illegal aliens cost $4.7 billion a year in Texas alone. The estimate incorporates the medical, educational and incarceration expenses spent on the aliens but no one can place a dollar value on a degraded society where the White working class was literally chased out of state by the dramatic reduction of wages and businesses that moved away.


Orderly cities were replaced by chains of crime-ridden third world slums. There are 1,880,000 jobs lost by Americans to illegal aliens every year (FAIR) and the aliens’ lower wages are subsidized by taxpayer resources making big business the ultimate winner and American society the ultimate loser in this game. Walmart was employing close to 1.2 million people in 1993 and regularly educated her low paid employees on how to tap into welfare and Medicaid resources to subsidize their income. Federal agents raided 61 stores in 21 states in 1993 and arrested hundreds of illegal aliens hired by the company.


In 1994 California paid $215 million to deliver 74,987 anchor babies for illegal aliens and the total number in the U.S. was approximately 300,000 for that year. After birth comes education, welfare, food stamps, Medicare, incarceration and the millions of relatives who cannot resist the invitations.


By the early 1990s the situation was clearly getting out of hand in California and the “Save Our State” (SOS) Proposition 187 was set into motion by Ron Prince, an accountant in Orange County in 1994. At the time around half of all illegal aliens arrested along the 2,200-mile U.S.-Mexican border were arrested on a 14-mile stretch in San Diego, Calif. Proposition 187 was approved by 59 percent of the voters—over five million votes—after thousands of citizens donated their time to collect the hundreds of thousands of signatures to place it on the ballot. The main goal was to take public benefits away from illegal aliens and deny schooling to their children—a reasonable action if we consider the state’s white population was being dissolved and replaced by the aliens.


However, Proposition 187, which reflected the will of the majority of the voters, was sabotaged by Federal Judge Mariana R. Pfaelzer, who declared the measure unconstitutional, and Gov. Gray Davis, who stopped

appeals in the legal process. As a result, a number of absurd cases surfaced in the following years. After waiting at the San Diego border crossing, a woman ran across the border, grabbed a lamppost and delivered a new “American citizen” in front of a video camera. Mexicans were running across the border on the I-5 freeway in California along the center divider among the moving cars and crossed the border by the hundreds in front of federal agents. An agency of the California government paid for billboard advertisements in Mexico that promised free medical care in California to all.


This is how California, the Golden State of the 1980s, was turned into the Slumlord State of 2010, constantly fighting off creditors, unable to pay state employees and dancing on the edge of a knife to avoid bankruptcy.



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And from Californication.............................





Rep. Stark Mocks Border Security Advocates: Who Are You Going to Kill Today?


Published June 29, 2010

| FOXNews.com



Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., no stranger to controversy, mocked the idea that the borders are not secure when asked about the federal government's lack of activity on border security.


"We can't get enough Minutemen armed. We'd like to get all the Minutemen armed so they can stop shooting people here," Stark said.


Eventually, members of the audience urged Stark to offer a serious answer.


"If you knew anything about our borders, you would know that's not the case. Our borders are quite secure, thank you," Stark said, drawing jeers.


Stark resumed his hostile act, asking the Minuteman what he would do to secure the border.


"I would send about about 25,000 troops for one thing and build a wall down so vehicles could not pass," the Minuteman said.


"How high and long would it be?" Stark asked.


"As high and as long as it takes," the Minuteman said, elicting cheers.


Stark said he would start a ladder company with the Minuteman if he designed the wall and doesn't shoot the people coming over.


"But I've got to know how high the wall is and I'll sell a whole lot of ladders for people who want to come," Stark said.


"This is a very serious matter and you're sitting there making fun of it," the Minuteman responded.


"I don't have to make fun of you sir, you do a fine job all by yourself," Stark said.


Stark made the comments last week at a town hall audience that included Steve Kemp, a member of the Golden State Minutemen, a group that opposes illegal immigrants. Kemp recorded the confrontation.


A spokesman for Stark did not return voicemail messages left at his office or on his cell phone. He also didn't respond to an e-mail seeking comment.


The clash came as the national spotlight focuses on Arizona's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigrants and the protests it is drawing across the country, including a legal challenge from the federal government.


Immigration is shaping up to be among the critical election-year issues as Republicans try to regain control of both chambers in Congress riding a wave of anti-Washington sentiment.


Stark, a liberal Democrat, is expected to easily win re-election against a lightly regarded opponent, political newcomer Justin Jelincic, who describes himself as a conservative Democrat.


Stark earned his primary challenge after he slammed a constituent who voiced his opposition to Obama's health care plan last summer at a town hall meeting.


"Mr. Congressman, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining," the constituent told Stark, referring to what he called the smoke and mirrors of the president's plan.


"I wouldn't dignify you be peeing on your leg," Stark fired back. "It wouldn't be worth wasting the urine."


In March, Stark seized control of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee for one day after Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., stepped aside due to an ethics probe. But Stark was quickly pushed aside in favor of Rep. Sander Levin, D-Mich., after many Democrats privately complained that Stark was too volatile to lead such an important committee.


Stark is known for making inflammatory comments.


In 2007, Stark accused President Bush of sending troops to Iraq "to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."


He also once called former Colorado Republican Rep. Scott McInnis a "fruitcake."



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Stark is Heck's kind of guy.


totally freakin nuts and hateful, especially


when he calls anybody who doesn't like the lib/progressive


agenda, "freakin nuts and hateful"...

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The following was a letter to the editor of the LA Times.








I can't believe that a major metropolitan paper like the LA Times would publish drivel like your distortion-laden column I had the misfortune to read today. The citizens of Arizona passed a law that makes it necessary to prove you are in their state LEGALLY. They are tired of paying TWO BILLION taxpayer dollars a year in medical and educational benefits to people in their state ILLEGALLY. They are tired of the Mexican drug traffickers, kidnappings (389 last year), traffic accidents, and crime caused by ILLEGAL immigrants in their state.. They are tired of citizens of a foreign country overcrowding and bankrupting their emergency rooms and schools. They have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to defend their state when the federal government fails to do so so just like I have the right to put three hollow-points in the chest of the guy who's trying to kick in my front door when the cops don't show up.


It has been the law in this country since 1940 that foreign nationals be able to produce proof that they are here LEGALLY by way of visa, green card, etc. This "Produce your papers" and the allusions to Nazi Germany is a bunch of dishonest claptrap. If you took time to read the Arizona law (assuming you can read English) you would see that police officers may only inquire as to an individual's immigration status in the course of a "legal contact". The problem with you and Mexicans like you is the fact that you have this sense of entitlement that you can enter OUR COUNTRY as you please. You come from a culture and a country with no respect for the law or the rule of law. The United States is a sovereign nation with the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to decide who does and does not enter our country.


What amuses me the most is the fact that if our illegal immigration problem was due to the influx of SWEDES, you wouldn't have written ONE WORD in the defense of their rights? It is only because they are Hispanics like you that you leap to their defense. I find it ironic that you are truer to your Hispanic roots than you are to your American citizenship, especially since the Hispanic culture is a broke-dick, busted-ass, ignorant-ass, uneducated, going-nowhere culture and has been for the last 500 years, and in all likelihood, will be for the NEXT 500 years.


When I moved to California in 1969, Los Angeles was a clean prosperous city. Now it's broke under the weight of massive entitlements. Now we need concertina wire to protect our freeway signs from Hispano-moron graffiti "artists'. What an enlightened culture you come from that believes that vandalizing another's property is an art form. Over 400 California families have lost loved ones to ILLEGAL immigrant murderers. 40% of the criminals incarcerated in our prisons at CALIFORNIA TAXPAYER EXPENSE, are ILLEGAL immigrants. Thank you so much for our overcrowded ERs, schools and freeways. Thanks also for the gangs and the drive-by shootings. In all fairness though, I like the tacos.


If I want to enter Mexico, France, England, Germany or ANY country on this earth, I need to produce a passport to do so. It's THEIR COUNTRY and I need to ask permission to do so. HOW DARE you and your brethren think that they have some God-given right to flout our laws and come into our country of their own accord? You and people like you are the textbook example of why the fewer Mexicans we have in our country, the better our country will be. We manage to produce a steady supply of home-grown idiots on our own, thank very much (Exhibit A - Obama) good luck with your boycotts and our protests. Just remember amigo, 70% of the people in Arizona and 65% of Americans LOVE this law. Every time you put together thousands of protesters, you piss off MILLIONS of people like me.


Hasta la vista, baby


Tom Edwards

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