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Byron Scott signs 3 year contract to become Cavs new coach

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Cavs set to hire Scott as coach

By Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Sports

8 hours, 43 minutes ago


Email Print Byron Scott has reached agreement on a three-year contract to become the Cleveland Cavaliers’ new coach, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.


The deal is expected to be finalized on Thursday.


Negotiations between the Cavs and Scott picked up after Brian Shaw withdrew from consideration on Wednesday.


Shaw said he never received a formal offer from the Cavs, but didn’t feel comfortable with the team’s Thursday deadline to make a hire.


“I know they have a timeline to hire a coach and I wasn’t able to meet that timeline,” Shaw told Yahoo! Sports. “I didn’t want to hold things up. It’s a great organization.”


Shaw wouldn’t comment on why he took issue with the timeline, but sources close to him said he wanted more clarity on whether LeBron James(notes) planned to return. Shaw also could become a candidate for the Los Angeles Lakers’ coaching job should Phil Jackson retire.


Scott told Y! Sports on Monday that he was interested in coaching the Cavaliers regardless of whether James returns.


“I would coach there without LeBron,” Scott said. “But they got a good shot at getting him back. Without him, they would probably go from 60 wins to 30 wins. But [without James], it’s still a better job than when I first started in New Jersey and it’s still a better job than when I first started in New Orleans.”

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Scotts a proven playoff coach, he was the best available and we got him.


On a side note check out Cavs.com and watch the video that comes up. If I was LBJ and I watched it, I would be ashamed to go anywhere else. You no they put that up just for him to see.



Yeah that came on yesterday about 3 pm, its pretty cool. More than a Player is kinda gay, but they are trying. Congrats to Scott, He has done well with some teams very much worse of than we are now. I think with Joe Johnson about to sign that huge ass contract, The Big 3 will soon follow suit, in the end I think Miami really screw themselfs with not having but only 2 players under contract. If Wade leaves they will be set back 5 years. If he stays and they get one big name they have no good bench and they will still stink. Who the hell knows what going to happen, all I know is I am enjoying my 2 weeks of leave here in Ohio and the weather is Amazing. Go Cavs

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