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Good news: Adam Caplan thinks the Browns could have one of the best running games in the NFL. That's especially good because Delhomme excels in play-action and this "New England" offense. He also sucks ass when he throws over 30 times a game.


Bad news: It's a passing league and few teams win much of anything throwing 25 times a game.


Good news: Mike Adams is a better and more important ballhawk safety than anybody gives him credit for. Ward and Assante showed a lot more versatility than expected. Things are looking up at safety.


Bad news: Pluto says Haden, "the most pro ready corner in the draft," is not expected to start. Caplan says he has great skills and is very physical... but while he isn't slow, he doesn't run as well as some elite corner prospects. In a league where "getting physical" isn't allowed all that much, speed is important. I continue to not love this pick. Kareem Jackson (picked in the 20s) is getting kudos for covering the best WR in football very well.


Good news: Caplan says McCoy was picked in spite of Heckert's protests for an eventual move to the WCO. It's the system he would fit into best.


Bad news: Caplan thinks McCoy is not ready for the league this year, and needs to get physically stronger and absorb the basic principles of an NFL offense.


Neutral news: Adding those two together is neither really good or really bad. Holmgren overruled the room to take on McCoy as a side project. He can see him in a WCO. That sounds fine to me.


One intriguing note, though: The offense we run now, the one Delhomme knows from Carolina, is also the one Clausen ran at Notre Dame and runs now for the Panthers. If we win this year and continue to play that offense under Daboll, McCoy probably doesn't make any sense. But Clausen would have.


In other words, McCoy only makes sense if our offense sucks and we fire Daboll and move to a full WCO next season.

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Well, Sheppie, I honestly don't have much of a clue about McCoy, but I like idea of the kid playing a WC offense... we'll see one day.


But I think you under-appreciate Haden...


Jackson is a fine player too, but doesn't have the man-to-man skills Haden has, so "they" say.


I'm delighted with the Haden pick - we'll also see.


Here's an article about Jackson that is one of the negative ones:




Kareem Jackson


5'10 1/2, 196 pounds | Cornerback | Alabama



Agility/Hips: Doesn't have the best agility and looks to be a little stiff in his hips. Change-of-direction ability is lacking. Can be beaten by smaller, shiftier receivers fairly easily. Lack of hip fluidity hurts him when he transitions out of his breaks.


Ball Skills: Hands are below average. But Jackson can do just about everything else asked in this area. He makes a lot of plays on the ball and is good at breaking up a catch. Finished his three-year career with 29 pass breakups and five interceptions.


Instincts/Recognition: Jackson could improve here a good deal. Too often he got burned on double moves to the outside. Because of his lack of great agility, he can be beat on comeback routes and needs to sharpen up his instincts to know when that route may be called. Quickly diagnoses run plays.


Man coverage: Played a lot of bump and run coverage for Alabama. Knows how to properly use his hands to jam at the line. When he can stick with a receiver, he's aggressive and can re-direct routes. Needs to smooth out his backpedal. Jackson's feet will get choppy, which causes him to lose receivers deep.


Pursuit: Lacks great speed, which is detrimental to his deep pursuit. Has good enough short-area burst to close when the ball carrier in nearby.


Size: Has a solid size and build for the position. Arms are a little shorter than ideal. Fame is solidly built and he might not be able to add a lot of bulk.


Speed: Straight-line speed is solid but not spectacular. Has trouble sticking with shiftier receivers. Uses his physical skills to make up for a lack of speed.


Tackling/Run Support: More of a leg tackler, but does show he has the skills to wrap up and drag down. Plays stronger than he probably is. Struggles to shed blockers to help support in run coverage. Tries to be too flashy instead of being sound.


Zone coverage: Although Jackson was used in man coverage a lot, he may be better as a zone cornerback. Jackson's anticipation skills are very good and he reads the opposing quarterback really well. Locates the ball quickly once it's in the air. Uses his physicality nicely in zone to move the receiver to make a play on the ball.


Final word: Jackson benefited greatly from playing in Nick Saban's NFL-style defense. He played a lot of man on his side, but has the skill to handle zone.


Jackson's size isn't all that great, but he is a physical cornerback. That helps him make up for a lack of agility and speed.

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Dan @ MockingTheDraft.com is one of my favorite draftniks. He, along with Wes Bunting at The National Football Post, were some the more prominent Jackson skeptics.


I may have liked Jackson a little more than those guys, but my tape study left me with close to no doubt that Haden was a better prospect.

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One intriguing note, though: The offense we run now, the one Delhomme knows from Carolina, is also the one Clausen ran at Notre Dame and runs now for the Panthers. If we win this year and continue to play that offense under Daboll, McCoy probably doesn't make any sense. But Clausen would have.


In other words, McCoy only makes sense if our offense sucks and we fire Daboll and move to a full WCO next season.



This is your second post you made where you say Clausen would of been a better pick the McCoy. Seeing as how you waited till the last paragraph to mention all the Clausen homer stuff I think it's safe to assume the only reason you even wrote this was to again, tell us how much more you approve of the guy we didn't pick.


If Heckert didn't want McCoy but Mangini and Holmgren did im fine with that. If it was up to me I wouldn't play my freshly drafted QB anyways. I would give him atleast a year to learn how the pros do it. Make sure he's on a good workout program, get him conditioned right, let him learn the playbook, etc... Also, even if Delhomme throws 30 passes a game im sure he will hit his target more then the 3 or 4 times a game both Quinn and Anderson did when they would have twice as many attempts.


Seeing as how both Cribbs and Wallace will be used in the WildDawg this year combined with the fact our running game might be top notch im sure were going to be in for a treat this year no matter who our QB is.




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Basically it boils down to the things you don't like...which is cool...it's a message board.



You like a passing game over a running game.


You wanted Jackson over Haden


You wanted Clausen.





I think Running the ball can win games.


I think Haden was a perfect pick who is going to start for a decade or more so don't see the big deal if he doesn't start game 1.


And am neutral on both McCoy and Clausen as I didn't like either of them all that much, but now that we have McCoy will hope he becomes the real McCoy.



I see it like this. If Holmgren liked the guy and wanted him, I'll put my trust in his ability to find a good qb propsect over some guy named Adam.....or is it Gabe??



Maybe McCoy isn't the next superstar. Maybe he never becomes a solid starter.....but somewhere along the way we have to get over this idea that every QB we draft is going to become the leagues next great player.


Didn't Holmgren take Chuck Frye?? Maybe he sees the same types of things in both players.


I know that isn't going to sound all that great, but we were the ones who put Chuck on the superstar pedestal. Maybe Colt has something we feel might turn in to something pretty good. Maybe it becomes nothing more than decent back-up quality......so what?? He was a 3rd round pick. He also might become a legit player.....only time will tell.




So, for the good and the bad, I see way more good building then I do the bad.


I see 8-9 wins this year.



I'd say that's pretty good all things considered.

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