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Obama's hypocrisy about Christians and Muslims


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Obama: America is a Muslim Nation

Published by Benyamin Solomon on June 4, 2009 in Opinions

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Obama’s claim that America is a Muslim nation bolsters the Jihadists and makes him hypocritical for denying that America is a Christian nation.


”One of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslims Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” said Obama on his interview on French TV. How ironic. A while ago, Obama declared that America is not a Christian nation. It should be noted that Muslims are a minority, not the majority. But America’s Christian population is the majority. I’m not a Christian. I’m an American Jew. But still, this just shows some hypocrisy from Obama. America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, not on Islamic principles.


That comment bolsters the Jihadists, who seek to impose Sharia law all over the world including America. Remember a while ago, when Obama chose Harold Koh to be the legal adviser of the State Department. Harold Koh even said that it’s okay to have Sharia courts make decisions. Sharia law is the antithesis to western democracy, progress and freedom. Sharia law gets women punished for being raped instead of punishing the rapist, as any normal society would do.


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« Barack Hussein Obama: Just a Name, I ThinkAir France Flight Af447: The Facts and the Speculations »We’ve seen the horror of Sharia law. Now, to top it off, our president Obama has the nerve to call America “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”. That claim is not just inaccurate. It gives encouragement to the Jihadists who truly seek to convert America into a Muslim nation that’s ruled by Sharia law.


Of course, there are many kind, decent and law abiding Muslims in America. But that’s not the point that I’m focusing on. Muslims rightly have freedom of religion in this great nation America.


Obama’s comment bolsters the Jihadists who seek to overthrow our constitutional law, our freedom and our democracy and to turn this nation into another Saudi Arabia and another Iran. The left makes a big fuss about calling America a Christian nation. And Obama denies that America is one. But it’s hypocritical for Obama to call America a Muslim nation. By Obama’s logic, America can be a Jewish nation, a Hindu nation, a Buddhist nation or a Chinese nation. So basically, America can be whatever nation of any of its minorities. But according to Obama, America is not a Christian nation. Further more, leftists makes no big fuss about their beloved god Obama calling America a Muslim nation. Despite the fact that there are much more Muslim Fundamentalists than Christian Fundamentalists. Despite the fact that unlike the fringe Christian Fundamentalists, the Muslim Fundamentalists have an extensive and well-organized network in America.


Leftists cry for separation of church and state. I’m all for separation of church and state. It depends on how you look at it. But Muslim Fundamentalists seek to have their form of Islam including their law Sharia law to control every aspect of individual life. With Islamic Fundamentalism’s intensely anti-Homosexual and anti-woman positions, as well as its hatred of non-Muslim and secular influence, you’d think that the left would fiercely oppose this ideology. But that’s not exactly the case. Many leftists have whitewashed and/or supported Islamic Fundamentalists.


Many leftists have fiercely opposed the terms Islamo-Fascism and Islamo-Nazsim, even though those terms are legitimate and accurate.


Those terms don’t apply to all Muslims, just the radical ones who seek to kill us infidels and who seek to turn the whole world into a 7th century style caliphate that’s ruled by Sharia law.


If radical Muslims are not Fascist, then I don’t know what Fascism is! Fascism is a totalitarian ideology that is based on race, nationality and/or religion. That ideology includes radical Islam.


Radical Islam seeks to set up a totalitarian society where their interpretation of Islam and Sharia law controls every aspect of life. It’s a totalitarian society that’s set up in the name of Islam. Radical Muslims commit their crimes in the name of Islam. They torture and execute innocent people publicly. They execute people in front of cameras and/or in public areas for everyone [or a certain group of people] to see. That’s Fascism.


Radical Muslims have Nazi-like roots. The Nazis sought to impose a totalitarian Aryan empire throughout the world where non-Aryans would be treated as second-class citizens and where Jews would be exterminated.


Radical Muslims seek to impose a totalitarian radical Muslim empire throughout the world where non-Muslims would be treated as second class citizens. Nazism was a global threat. Now, radical Islam is a global threat.


Add to that, the Islamic Fundamentalists collaborated with Hitler. The Muslim Brotherhood, which is the father of Islamic Fundamentalism, collaborated with the Nazis. The Muslim Brotherhood’s founder and first leader Hassan Al-Banna admired Hitler and his Fascist principles.


David Meir Levi says this:


Long before the war, al-Banna had developed an Islamic religious ideology which previewed

Hitler’s Nazism.


Both movements sought world conquest and domination.


Both were triumphalist and supremacist: in Nazism the Aryan

must rule, while in al-Banna’s Islam, the muslim religion must hold



Both advocated subordination of the individual to a folkish

central power.


Both were explicitly anti-nationalist in the sense that

they believed in the liquidation of the nation-state in favor of a

trans-national unifying community: in Islam the umma (community

of all believers); and in Nazism the herrenvolk (master race).



worshipped the unifying totalitarian figure of the caliph or führer.




both rabidly hated the Jews and sought their destruction.


There’s more evidence. But let me stop now. Leftists probaly have no problem with calling Christian Fundamentalists Fascists or Nazis. At least many leftists call Conservatives [most Conservatives are not Christian Fundamentalists, but let that pass], Nazis, Fascists or Christian Fundamentalists.


Yet leftists who blindly hate Bush attacked him when he was president for using the term Islamo-fascism and for correctly saying that the radical Muslims hate freedom and democracy.


Anyone who calls America a Christian nation brings an uproar from leftists.


Their god Obama is the first president to deny that America is a Christian nation.


He’s the first presidents to call America a Muslim nation. While leftists seek to get rid of every little Christian thing that comes to public life [i'm not for that, but I do favor seperation of religion from politics], leftists seem okay with having radical Muslims push for Sharia law. The left doesn’t want to hear anything about creationism [i'm not saying whether I believe in creationism or evolution in this column] in public schools. But the idea that radical Muslims wouldn’t teach creationism if they win the global jihad is laughable. That’ll be the least of anybody’s concern. Radical Muslims would even teach their intolerant Jihadist interpretation of Islam as if it’s the truth.


Obama’s remark that America is a Muslim nation is not just inaccurate. It bolsters the Jihadists. It makes Obama hypocritical for denying that America is a Christian nation at least largely because Christians are the majority.


Read more: http://newsflavor.com/opinions/obama-ameri.../#ixzz0t01mqpBH




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Cal, what the hell is this guy talking about? We're not going to adopt Sharia law.



Look at that if you want to see what he says about us not being a Christian nation, at about a minute in.


It just seems like this guy is pissed off that the president doesn't think we're an exclusively Christian nation. Boo-hoo.

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Obamao's SLANT in a lot of things he does, most recently NASA,


is the problem, K.


It isn't that Obamao wants to say we're a melting pot.


Our United States was FOUNDED on CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES, like it or not.


But we were also founded in complete freedom of religion, where the state doesn't dictate


to us the approved religion.


Obamao could say the above in many ways, but his political leftwing radicalism


has overwhelmed and alienated millions and millions of decent folks who believed his lies.

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Seriously, you're whining that we are no longer considered an exclusively Christian nation. And while some of our founding fathers were in fact Christian, you can't deny that some, and especially Jefferson (who had a quite big role, mind you), were Deists (which are more akin to today's atheists). You're freaking out because your Christian religion isn't getting special treatment anymore. Boo-hoo.

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There's no special treatment, and I am not religious.


And never once have any of us ever said we were "exclusively" a Christian nation.


Cherry picking Jefforson being a deist doesn't have much to do with the point I made.


Our Constitution is not going to be tossed aside by the leftist movement that started


before Obamao, and is thriving with him as their president.


But the bark has pretty much completely fallen off the ugly Obamao tree, and


the ship will "right" it's direction to safer, more AMERICAN waters this Nov, and in 2012.


But right now, we are in big, big trouble in the near future, I think.


The dropping of the Black Panther voter intimidation case is becoming a huge "black eye" to Obamao and his


revolutionary patsy, Holder.


Obamao's instructions to NASA to be reaching out to those smart Muslims reeks of "ignore those stupid Jews I hate"


every time I read it. It's anti-Semitism by omission, and by being antagonistic in other ways, like berating and lamenting


Israel's building of settlements on the West Bank, WHILE never berating nor lamenting violence against Israelis.


It also stupidly upsets the ability of Israel to negotiate with settlements. Perhaps Obamao dosen't know


Israel took the West Bank etc, because they were UNJUSTLY declared war upon. Perhaps Obamao never learned


that because of "his Muslim faith" which he alluded to before being elected as something he portrayed for votes, but


now we all know, should not have been.

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Obama is a Liar, and nobody should ever repect a liar, let alone stand up for a liar and cover up their lies. If you do then you are no better than a fanatic.



If Obama said it was raining outside we would have to go outside and look.

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The only hypocrisy about Obama is America is doing better than the eight year Bush disaster.......


OH..........NOT A SOUL can say what happened under Bush that was better


unless losing is winning

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You know, Patrick Henry wanted the nation to be a Christian one. He tried to get that included in the constitution. If the founders had wanted this nation to be Christian and pander to Christians, they would have addressed the issue as Patrick Henry wanted. But they didn't.

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The only hypocrisy about Obama is America is doing better than the eight year Bush disaster.......


OH..........NOT A SOUL can say what happened under Bush that was better


unless losing is winning



How can you say america is doing better under Obama when we have lost 9 million jobs in the past 15 months, and those jobs will not be return in the near future.


What are you smoking?

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The Reps didn't block it, they had a compromise to do it better.


The Dems blew off the compromise, and screwed you all over. They


went on vacation.


You're blaming the wrong party.

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