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The Queen?

The Gipper

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The King is Dead. He has been converted into The Queen...if that. A King reigns. The Queen is merely the King's consort. The King in Miami is Duane Wade. That is his team. Jame's role will be merely as a supporting cast player to Wade. In fact, he may not even be The Queen. Bosh may be the Queen. James may in fact just be a Princess.


In another analogy, some have said that LeBron had for years been searching for a Pippin to his Michael Jordan. Low and behold, who knew that it was LeBron who was the Pippin after all. In fact, he may not even be Pippin, because Pippin at least was Second Fiddle. He may actually be Dennis Rodman, who was the Third Wheel. The way this whole thing came down, it was Wade and Bosh who essentially enlisted James to come and be their support player.

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