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Dan Auerbach's Take on Lebron

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Who's Dan Auerbach? The best musician in the last 20 years.


Dan Auerbach,


I should preface my thoughts by pointing out that I stopped really paying attention to sports when Craig Kilborn and Keith Olbermann split up. And my hometown heart was broken long ago, back when Ernest Byner fumbled the ball at the one-yard line. Lastly, I stopped propping my heroes up on pedestals immediately after meeting Lou Reed — that was a bummer. Family and friends are all that matter to me now.


So, LeBron James is leaving Ohio. I believe Ohio should be thankful that such a talented guy stayed as long as he did and that he blessed our team and our big city [Cleveland] with all the excitement and riches that came from him just playing ball there. That was big business up there at the Q Arena. It was almost nauseating sitting in the stands with all of the advertising and JumboTrons and all that shit going on. Dudes yelling over the loud speakers handing out terrible pizzas while cheerleaders shot hot dogs into the stands with bazookas — Oh my God. Big business on the back of LeBron. It was literally hard to watch the game sometimes. We milked him for sure on all fronts but his immense talent shone through it all.


Any grown up who's now wishing ill will on LeBron should be ashamed of themselves. Just because we bought a ticket to a game every once in a while and we rooted for him, that gives us the right to shackle him to our court? It's time to grow up. He doesn't owe us anything. I love Cleveland and I go there weekly when I'm home but no one person should prop up an entire city — that's just unhealthy. I think we should all cherish the moments we got to spend in the stands with our family and friends rooting for our hometown hero. It was fun while it lasted. He gave us seven years of his life; 11 if you include those amazing high school games. That's longer than most marriages last! If you wanna complain about something, how about the $7 hot dogs at the Q?!


And I appreciated how he let us all know — with the 9 o'clock television broadcast. He didn't drag it out or play mind games — he told us when and where and that was that. We all tuned in and he spoke clearly and honestly. You can't deny that with all the knuckleheads running around in professional sports these days, with their fur coats, sex scandals, and handguns in their lockers, LeBron seems to rise above the rest with what seems to be a true heart.


I wish him the best of luck and I hope he wins his championship. He's a talent and he deserves it.



Daniel Quine Auerbach

Ohio resident


Well said, let's move on people.

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Free agency is the reason I buy vintage jerseys of the old guys. The only good thing I see is that Lebron is in Miami and not Chicago or NY.


That would've really pissed off the natives.

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