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Williams, Conley, Sessions, etc.


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First, I love that Hickson is playing in the summer league to work on his offensive game. He scored 34 last night and will be asked to score more points, like 15-16 a night, I'd think. Scott already said he'll be a full-time starter.


The Cavs intend to run, and that makes sense to look at Marvin Williams, a big guy who can get up and down the court at 24. He has a fat deal and has been considered a disappointment overall... but only because he was drafted so high. Forget about that and he's a guy who could make for a nice front line rotation with J.J., Andy, and Antwan.


The Cavs are looking at Mike Conley and Ramon Sessions at guard, more proof that the Cavs intend to run. Sessions had a breakout season two years ago, then seemed out of place in Minnesota, now overrun with guards.



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