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The Sorcerers Apprentice Review

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Walt Disney

PG 121 min



No it isn’t the bit from FANTASIA. Yes it’s Disney. No it isn’t very good. Yes that’s probably Jerry Bruckheimer’s fault.

There’s the quick take kids. They’ve been pimping this one hard and heavy and I expected a fun two hours. Oh well.

Now before I get into a bash fest let me repeat the name Bruckheimer.

See, the Disney gang is usually incapable of poor work but just like the fact that lust for power warps the sensibilities of great and powerful beings from Lucifer to Saruman so does the desire for cash tempt St Walt’s disciples to give JB free reign over a project. Oh he’s made some blockbusters over the years, no doubt, but few with any real merit unless you love overdone FX and noise.

So Bruckheimer along with his sidekick Nicholas Cage (who’d be a lot less famous if he weren’t Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew) have cranked out another shoddy fantasy action potboiler.

Right off the bat the casting takes its toll though I didn’t mind Alfred Molina as the evil wizard on an evil mission to destroy the world or something equally nasty.

Cage is also pretty good as Balthazar. He’s an undead sorcerer on a quest from the days of Merlin. His unflappable character is bound to teach a really goofy kid to be the magical force who will save the world.

The star himself, “Dave”, is actually the problem. He’s almost devoid of charisma seeming more suited for the Special Olympics than the romantic lead.

. He’s apparently the last descendant of King Arthur’s wizard pal, played by Jay Baruchel.

His voice and mannerisms become more annoying as the film wears on through an uninspired plot and some passé special effects and you have a very forgettable film.




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ah. Thanks, Steve, I won't go pay to see the movie now.


My theory about good scenery makes good movies keeps getting proven to be false. crap.

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