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Big Ten Championship game

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Thu Jul 15 08:14pm PDT


The Big Ten might make itself at home at Lambeau Field



Lambeau Field, historic home to the Green Bay Packers, might also soon be home to the Big Ten's title game. Big Ten officials will meet in early August to talk about it, and Packers president Louis Murphy(notes) said he'd be on board.


The Big Ten is a "conference" in the NFL's minor league, which calls itself "college football." College football is very similar to the professional game we're all familiar with, except receivers only need one foot inbounds to make a catch, players don't get paid, and they don't bother to crown an actual champion in any given year.


There are other sites under consideration, all of them also pro venues: Ford Field, home of the Lions, Soldier Field, home of the Bears, and Cleveland Browns Stadium.


Go with Lambeau, Big Ten. I say this as a completely uninterested observer, too. I'm not a Packers fan, and I don't care if the Big Ten lives or dies. But if you want your game to seem special, like a truly unique college football event, then Lambeau's your place.


I don't expect it to happen, because the people in charge will probably put a pretty high value on the accommodations and appeal to tourists held by a city like Chicago or Detroit (I think Detroit still has some appeal, though I'm not sure). And I get that. I'm not saying it's a bad reason.


But if the goal is to make the Big Ten championship game a unique and special event, you have to go with Lambeau. Even on television, and even in the NFL, where corporate interests have sucked most of the uniqueness out of everything, Lambeau still retains a special kind of old-school football charm.

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