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Reggie Langhorne

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Former Cleveland Browns receiver Reggie Langhorne recovering from serious bike accident

Published: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 1:00 PM Updated: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 1:33 PM

Tony Grossi, The Plain Dealer


Reggie Langhorne

CLEVELAND -- During his seven seasons in Cleveland and two in Indianapolis, former Browns wide receiver Reggie Langhorne never suffered a serious injury. He played one game in 1990 18 days after having an emergency appendectomy.

But now, Langhorne is coping with severe injuries suffered on June 4 when he was hit by a motorist while riding his bike through a crosswalk in Westlake.


"It's a good thing something like this didn't happen when I was playing," Langhorne, 47, said. "I'd have been out for the year."

Langhorne said he needed surgery to repair a broken fibula. He also suffered a broken clavicle in two places, one broken rib and "a crazy concussion."

He was in St. John Medical Center in Westlake for eight days and has been house-bound ever since, except for physical therapy twice a week. Langhorne said he has "seven to nine months" of therapy to go and doesn't expect to be off crutches for a while.


"The toughest part now is just having to sit in my house and do nothing. I get depressed every couple of days," he said.

Langhorne, who has provided football commentary for WOIO Channel 19 for the past eight years, said he expects to be ready for the coming Browns season.

No charges were filed in the accident because a Westlake ordinance requires bikers to dismount and walk their bike through a crosswalk.

Langhorne was a seventh-round draft pick of the Browns in 1985. He played in five consecutive playoff appearances and three AFC Championship Games. Langhorne had 261 catches with the Browns -- 411 and 19 touchdowns in his NFL career. He led the AFC with 85 catches for the Indianapolis Colts in 1993. He retired after that season.

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Great ones do that............walk away when they are on top


Barry Sanders


Jim Brown


Sandy Koufax


I guess


Reggie "Foghorn" Langhorne was a great one too.........he sure could play. We need a receiver like him right now

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