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media exec compares black tea partiers to


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<H2 id=article-title class=entry-title>dirty filthy cheapshot politics, spawned by traitoprs,....add it all up, and the culture war to take permanent power

over our entire country, all of us...


is on.


will we head it off via fair elections,.....or too late?


Media Exec Compares Black Tea Partiers to Jewish Concentration Camp Guards</H2>


Published July 19, 2010


| FoxNews.com




A media company executive over the weekend compared black Tea Party activists with Jewish guards in Nazi concentration camps, claiming the movement as a whole is racist and unpatriotic.


Luke Visconti, owner of DiversityInc, said on CNN that Tea Party leaders "are people leveraging racism" and that they have risen to power with an "anti-black Obama" message.


When the anchor noted that black members are active in the conservative movement, Visconti responded: "There were Jewish concentration guard camps. Weren't there?"


Visconti argued that the "negative signs" at Tea Partiers' rallies betray an underlying attitude that is not healthy for the country. "I think Tea Party people are unpatriotic, short-sighted and selfish. It's a pattern here," he said.


DiversityInc bills itself as the leading publication on diversity management -- it produces a print magazine and maintains a website with numerous features on diversity for employers and employees. Visconti writes a column called "Ask the White Guy" for the website.


His comments come after the NAACP voted for a resolution to condemn "racist" elements in the Tea Party movement. Tea Party leaders have rejected that description, accusing the NAACP of playing politics while fading from relevance.


Vice President Biden, speaking on ABC's "This Week," said he does not think the movement is racist.



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