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Democrat voter fraud in Michigan, phoney "tea party candidates" to split convervative votes


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Skullduggery In Michigan: Fake Tea Party Movement Hatched


Emily Esfahani Smith · 3 hours ago

This is unbelievable.


In Michigan, a fake Tea Party group has organized itself as a third party—with the requisite 60,000 signatures--to challenge official GOP nominees specifically in districts where Democrats face tough Republican opponents. The fake Tea Party hopes to divide the conservative vote, leading Democrats to sail into a happy, fraudulent victory.


The Michigan Tea Party swears it's a legit group. But according to Zarko Research, a Michigan-based political marketing and consulting firm, the petition is being circulated on a paid basis through Progressive Campaigns Inc, a liberal organization. The circulators receive about $1 per signature they acquire.


In the past, the Michigan Democratic Party and George Soros have funded Progressive Campaigns. Below is what I imagine may very well be George Soros and fellow partiers having their own "tea party."


No word yet on whether the mainstream media will cover this election fraud.





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