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Lorenzen Wright murdered


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Reports that Lorenzen Wright was shot at least a dozen times.


Crazy shit man, 12 times is pretty much a whole magazine. He must have really made some people mad. RIP Lorenzen.

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COLLIERVILLE, TENN. (LALATE) – Lorenzen Wright has been found dead; one report claims Lorenzen Wright’s cause of death was murder. Lorenzen Wright’s body was found in field in southeast Memphis. Wright was 34.


Lorenzen Wright was last seen on July 18, his family reported him missing by July 22. Now ten days after he went missing, for reasons still unknown, Wright was found in a wooded area roughly 15 miles outside of Memphis. Police investigators are reportedly still on scene trying to find clues.


Wright went missing Thursday in Collierville, roughly twenty miles outside Memphis. Reports say Lorenzen Wright’s house was foreclosed on in May and thereafter bought by Monta Ellis (Warriors) later that month. His career earnings were reportedly $55 million; yet the cause of his financial problems have not be clear. His mother has issued a video plea for her son’s safe return.


Wright was with the NBA for 13 seasons, a 1996 Draft 7th overall pick out of the University of Memphis. His teams included the Clippers, Hawks, Grizzlies, Kings and most recently the Cavs ending in the 2009 season. Penny Hardaway, a friend of Wright’s, issued the following statement tonight: “I cried. The emotions hit me immediately. It’s just sad because we lost a good person and a brother”.


Eyewitness Memphis News reports the area is a wooded section of Hacks Cross and Winchester Road. It adds “The source has updated Eyewitness News saying, Lorenzen Wright had been shot multiple times and it does not appear to be suicide.”

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