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Streaming the game tonight


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Sup guys, I will be streaming the game tonight.


BUT, it will be going private right before kick-off so it does not get shut down.


The link is http://www.justin.tv/extremesportzcasts#/w/332751408


To get the access code, you have to download it, download link can be found at the stream, it will ask you to complete a short survey, it may seem like BS (just put in fake info), but it actually does work, I've had people test it out.

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Well ive tried twice now to get the code to watch this stream and filled out two surveys and still nothing, is there any way to send the pass or anything to be able to watch this tonight?


Yeah I did a survey also and it finished without me getting a code, very annoying. maybe we could get pm'ed the code since it's not working?

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