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The Tampa Bay Bucaneers Have QB Problems


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BEREA — While the Cleveland Browns’ offense is stabilizing behind two veteran quarterbacks, their opening-day opponent is up in the air.


Bucs starter Josh Freeman, just 22 years old, suffered a fracture on his right (throwing) thumb Saturday against the Chiefs. He is not expected to practice until the week of the Cleveland game at the earliest. The Browns will open at Tampa Bay on Sept. 12.


Freeman was a first-round draft pick out of Kansas State in 2009. The starter for the last two preseason games will be another youngster, Josh Johnson, a fifth-round pick out of San Diego in 2008.


The Bucs’ QBs are a certified kiddie corps, with 24-year-old Rudy Carpenter backing up Johnson.


The Bucs are putting up a brave front.


“I think (Johnson) has gotten better every year that he’s been here,” Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson told the Tampa Tribune. “We have to see him do it in a regular-season game, but his performance in practice has gotten better.”


Johnson threw eight interceptions in four starts last year. His passer rating was 50.9. One of his starts was against Jake Delhomme, a 28-21 loss last Oct. 18. He was 11-of-17 for 147 yards, with an interception and four sacks.. A week later in a home game against New England, he went 9-of-26 for 156 yards, with three interceptions.


Then came the bye week. The Bucs came back with Freeman as their quarterback. Johnson did not play again.


Freeman threw 10 touchdown passes and 18 interceptions.


In this year’s preseason opener at Miami, Johnson dropped back 18 times. He threw one interception, got sacked twice, and took off running two other times.


Johnson was better against Kansas City on Saturday, going 6-of-10 for 113 yards and a touchdown.


They beat Brady


Up next for the Browns is Detroit, which held off a charge by Brady Quinn on Saturday night.


Coming off a miserable debut with the Broncos, Quinn played the entire second half against the Lions, completing 11-of-17 passes for 115 yards.


Trailing 25-20 with 1:53 left, Quinn took over on his own 20 and drove Denver to the Lions’ 33-yard line. He fumbled while getting sacked with 15 seconds left.


Quinn’s best game as a Brown might have been at Detroit last Nov. 22, when he had a 24-3 lead behind touchdown passes to Mohamed Massaquoi, Chansi Stuckey and Joshua Cribbs.


The Browns traded Quinn on March 15, the same day they signed Jake Delhomme.



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Know who else has a terrible QB situation? Arizona. But I wouldnt discredit Josh Johnson, he is a dependable as Josh Freeman right now. I dont care who we face, sack him often and hard...

No kidding - anyone else watch the Az game tonight? Same old DA - can't hit a short pass for the life of himself

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After watching KC and TB games 2 weeks in a row its not impossible to think we may go 2-0 to start the season...however there is the unknown factors starting with if mangini will make over-conservative gutless or poor decisions and will dabolls playcalling remain bold and refreshing right on down to will the players execute..


Im highly optimistic about the upcoming season and am even somewhat upbeat about the coaching ive seen thusfar, im starting to believe we are on the right track and finally on our way out of failsauce hell..but the coaching staff still has to prove they are competent and so far so good, like i said i have liked what ive seen so far but i still have this nagging doubt lingering that doesnt shake easily..seeing is believing..

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I'm glad to hear this. I'm going to the opening game and want to see a blowout. Last time the teams played in Tampa, the chump fans here were ragging on me for a 12-15 loss. All field goals. I really dislike Bucs fans.


The only problem is, we can't seem to generate a pass rush. I'd like to say go after the young QBs, but I don't know if that will just leave the field open.

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Didn't at one time the Bucs have like 5 QBs on their roster? Gradkowski, Chris Simms, Brian Griese, Freeman, etc.

Are any of those guys still left there?

grakowski played 7 games for raiduhs last year.....


griese....out of nfl after 08 at tampa.played 11 years in nfl


simms at denver


freeman still with tb

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Our week 1 game against the Bucs is already a win for us, and now with Johnson in that makes it so much better. We will blow them out, but all of you fans will be "browns superbowl!" remember who we are playing.


However, if we do win, it will be only the second time we have won our season opener since 1999.

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