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Predicting the 53 man roster


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It's very hard to predict. I wouldn't be surprised to see them shopping other "cut lists" for a punter, D linemen, & possibly a WR. I also would not be surprised to see Lawson cut & possibly Mitchell on the practice squad.

We'll see, as there will be a number of players available in whom the Browns may show interest.


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0% chance Veikune gets cut



Mangini took veikune on realizing he is a convert project and made that clear last year...veikune will not be cut...other than veikune the roster guesses seem head on to me...i would love to see elam cut but the chance of that happening is less than ward being cut...and it pains me to no end because if you watch tape and watch footage of the guy he is just absolutely no more than a poor quality 3rd stringer strong or free he sucks at them both but unfortunately he is slightly ever so slightly better then adams at strong safety..


Abram Elam:

Free Safety:

tough as nails

soft but solid tackler but in man coverage often reacts slowly and allows the catch and then to often YAC.

poor awareness

slow reactive style with 0 aggressiveness toward his target or the ball..

Often looks lost in zone coverage or when he is suppose to be over top he is often easily beaten for the big burn


Strong Safety:

tough as nails

often unaware and lost or out of position

slow and easily juked or blocked is often the unsuccessful last line of defense

soft often non effective tackling against bigger backs

uneffective pass blitzer slow and easily nicked off

has a poor nose for the ball location

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