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Kindle vs Nook: An E-Reader Face-Off

Mr. T

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Kindle vs Nook: An E-Reader Face-Off




It's the Amazon Kindle 2 versus the Barnes & Noble Nook--we weigh specs and reviews. What e-reader do you think reigns supreme?



We’ve decided to compare and contrast two formidable devices from the e-reader sector, Amazon’s Kindle 2 and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Sure, e-readers can be alike in specs and size, but we think choosing an e-reader is definitely more of a personal preference then an epic battle of devices—but there are some features and factors that you should consider before purchasing an e-reader. Before buying an e-reader you should think about how much you read, what you read and where you read it. When it comes down to the Nook and the Kindle 2, the Kindle 2 has a much more utilitarian interface design while the Nook has a less intuitive interface [or at least it does right now] but more aesthetically pleasing design. Now some people say these two e-readers are quite different—dare we say, apples and oranges—and it would be unfair to compare them, but we feel that every e-reader deserves a chance to battle. Let us forewarn you though, there will be no winner to this battle—as we said, choosing an e-reader is a personal purchase that relies on the specs that fit your specific needs, so we’ll try to take an objective stance.


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