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Shoulder injury update and other stuff


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Well, simply to rehash...


Fell in garden, at night, in a sudden downpour. Slipped in mud at end of garden, fell badly and hit my elbow square..

Found out I tore my middle rotator cuff completely in two.

July 16 had 2 hr, ten minute surgery to have it fixed by an expert surgeon.

Had to wear this big, tight, girdle device that velcroed my arm to my side for ten days.

It's an immobilization brace. Ten days later, I went back, and they took it off !

I asked them for a favor.... asked them to send that brace to N. Korea and have IT tortured for ten days....

Did six weeks of passive therapy, my wonderful cute Wife did them for me...

And, on my follow-up, I'm good to go for professional physical therapy to get to the advanced healing stage.


Thank God for excellent health insurance for all this. Stupid, dumbass Obamao and his socialized medicine for

our entire country...crap...


Anyways, I can finally sleep a little while on my LEFT SIDE ! That is pretty cool....


Oh, and last Tues, I was cleared to no longer have to wear my sling ! This is great news, since

I was getting muscle spasms in my right shoulder from whatever. I hate that.


The garden finally completely grew up with weeds. For a good while, my wonderful cute Wife and friends of ours

helped out a lot... that saved our farmers market season... but we never had time to figure out how to keep weeds

out of 940 tomato plants, and the entire rest of the garden.

Weird, our peppers are just coming on... our gourds were huge... some we left in the garden.

Two and a half piled high wagon fulls of dipper, bushel, swan and spinner gourds.

The spinners are very symmetrical, about 2 1/4 inches high. They make great spinning top toys for kids...

and we figured that they would also make great Christmas tree ornaments for gardeners... and novelty

fishing bobbers for Christmas... for gardeners....


Have to can a bunch of tomatoes. Met a customer at the market, who was wondering if we would have

a bushel of old, bad tomatoes...

She and her husband have two special needs kids, and once a year, they go out in a field, and play salsa ball.

They all four end up completely covered with tomatoes. It's their family tradition, and the kids talk about it for months.


We harvested our first hay cutting. The first cutting, we found out our power bar from the tractor pto was the wrong size

for our hay baler....


So, by the time we ground that down to size, the hay went bad, so we and a bunch of our friends, again,

helped us fork the hay off the field, and onto our hay wagon, and we used it for mulch in the garden. @@


The second cutting, we used our hay baler. But, we didn't know how to string up the tie string through

the mechanisms, because our old farmer friend was on vacation out west....


so we happened to meet a neighbor, who arranged for another old farmer to bale it for us.

He laughed about our hay baler problems. Wouldn't let us pay him for baling for us. He was amazed

that we bought our farm, built a big beautiful barn, and researched and bought almost all of our own equipment.

He said our soybean field looked like we were experts...


except our weeds should have been sprayed. I explained I couldn't spray with one arm, so it had to wait. I still

have time.

My Wife has run our 50 hp diesel tractor for everything this year... amazing for a teacher who never lived on a farm.

She learned how to farm instantly. She loves it. She's amazing, and I'm one of the luckiest guys ever.


So, I can type normally, instead of freakin one finger hunt and pecking... but getting a sweaty tshirt off with my one arm

is still impossible. My Wife still thinks it's hilarious. "sigh"


The Browns are playing, the soybeans are huge plants this year, the alfalfa hay looks excellent, and the mosquitoes are

finally mostly gone, and the weather has cooled. We'll have a bonfire this evening..


Life is good. I hope none of you ever falls, and falls on your elbow and you injure your rotator cuff. It's tough biz,

about 6 months at least to get back to normal.


we have relatives visiting from Virginia, Dad had cancer surgery two weeks ago, he'll be fine. He was in the hospital two days...

and came home, walking around the kitchen, making himself some coffee. Amazing.


And the Browns are going to go to the playoffs this year. Bank on it. Well, it's safer than the stock market... @@

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How cool is THIS ?


I can actually barely use my left arm now, to get a bottle of Barq's, and lift it up and get a slurp !


It's tough, but my arm makes it. GGG


Well, I have to lean forward a bit because I lose leverage on my arm when it's extended.... "sigh"...


I hear from everybody who's done it, that the physical therapy is murder.


The upside is, I get to play "itsy bitsy spider" up the wall with my left arm, to get the strength initially developed.


In a manly way, of course. @@

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Went to physical therapy for the first time. My shoulder/arm is in real good shape, considering.


my therapist said I had to have had a lot of great muscle tone, because I am ahead of schedule, compared to

a lot of patients.

So, I graduated to a new set of exercizes. I was hesitating at first, and she asked what was worrying me.

I said I saw the pictures of the surgery, and it seemed like those rotator cuff jobbies could just snap right back apart.

She laughed, and said I was fine, she promised. So, I was. It's weird to hold a horizontal bar, and and have your shoulder not

go very far on some of the stuff. But, I did well, except I went to the farmers market Tues, and while we were all setting up,

it was a bit windy, but all of a sudden, a huge gust of wind caught my awning, and flipped it up into the air, and it would have

hit my nieghbor vendor's new Toyota. So, I jumped and caught it before it flipped onto her car, and pulled it back away and held it down.

Trouble was, I forgot about my shoulder for an instant, not wearing the sling anymore... and I had reached out waist high and grabbed

the leg as I reached up and grabbed the roof bracing. But, she and her friend helped me take it down and he put it back in my truck.


So, all's well that ends well... it's late in the season, and with the storm, not many customers showed up. I had several friends/vendors

ask me if I was okay...


because I was trying to keep my bicep from knotting up any more than it was, along with a muscle in the back of my shoulder on the

repaired right side. Those muscles haven't been used for about two months. So, that isn't a good idea.


But my wonderful cute Wife called, she just got off work, and I wasn't going to tell her what happened, and talked like I was just fine...

but she guessed it was my or a neighbor's awning, in the wind, and figured I torqued my shoulder.

Don't ask me how the hell she can do that. She said it was a very slight change in the tone of my voice. She just got off work, and she knew exactly

that something happened. She fascinates me to this day.

Amazing. Anyways, my therapist found the knots in my shoulder and arm, because she said my motion was hesitant at those certain movements.

That's also pretty interesting. So, I told her I had to admit, that tough guy as I am, I am a great big sissy boy when it comes to

this injury.


I have to go do some farm work now. GGG




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What the heck is the AC joint, T?


Physical therapy is gong well, today I actually used my left arm to reach out and receive change at the store. "whoopee"... @@


forgot to check with my brother in law about his printing equipment... I'll call him now...

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Mumford procedure here.





I am currently looking at a 2 color press, but I am in need of a affordable computer to plate system (ctp)


Dude use paper plates from a laser printer. They work good for short runs. At least for the time being. As long as their isn't a ton of coverage. Forms, etc work great.


You should find a 2 color press cheap. One of my old places I worked someone gave one for free. Yea it needed a shit ton of work, new rollers, blankets, etc, but for like $1500 and moving it not bad.

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For comparison purposes, my brother-in-law says that he has a 2 color press that he'd have to have


5 grand before he'd part with it.


Whatever that means as far as value goes, I don't have a clue...


He doesn't have a color to plate system thing.... @@

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