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Can our school district save money by using one boiler to heat 3 schools on one property?


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Currently, Our school district is in the process of planning to replace the boilers of the Elementary school, the Junior High, and the High school, for an estimated cost of $12 million. Would is be possible to have just one larger boiler in one of the schools and pipe the steam in insulated pipes to each school? The three schools are only separated by a football field and a track, so they form a triangle on the same property

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They should invest the money into geothermal heating and cooling and they will save a lot over the long haul. But remember people vote prior school teachers to their local school boards and not business minded people. If you dont like the school board then dont vote in prior teachers to be on the board, vote for someone who has been succcessful in business. They will save your city/county a lot of money in the long haul and then you wont have all these taxes and levies all the time.

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Brittany, I don't know how I missed this...


Your local country engineer should be consulted, I'm sure he will be, about your question.


I suppose it would have to do with the temps in your area, assuming you are up in Northern U.S.,


there could be inefficiency in the distance the heat would have to travel with only one shared boiler...


not to forget that it either has to travel above ground, ??? or below ground.


We're pretend engineers here, at least I am. Good luck with the final result. I know a high school that was


built, and the air conditioning/heating unit never worked properly for several years, until they finally one summer,


went over the entire system in the roofs, and finally found out that the wrong sensor valves were used in about


half of the system. I hope you schools do it right the first time. @@

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