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Onion Sports 2010 NFL Team Guide

Donald Dawg

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Cleveland Browns



Strength: N/A


Weakness: Okay, where to begin? Let's see, Jake Delhomme is their starting quarterback. Bobby Engram, their 37-year-old starting wide receiver, caught 5 passes last year. Running back Jamal Lewis was cut in the off-season. Man, this is fun and easy! What else? Okay! They're in a constant state of rebuilding and have no team identity, the future of the franchise is Colt McCoy, and their biggest asset is team president and non-football-player Mike Holmgren


Strength: Oh, just thought of one: dog faces


Player to Watch: To see Colt McCoy become a starter too early, get extremely flustered, and have a terrible rookie season could be quite delightful


Biggest Question: How soon will fans bust out the paper bags?


Wow. This is a horrible piece of... They think Bobby Ingram is a starter for one. Think we're worse off without Jamal Lewis. Sigh.

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Ahahaha you moron. The Onion is a satire "news" organization. So embarrassing.


I was just getting ready to post the same. All it would take is one look at any one other news story and it should be obvious. Either way hilarious site for those that weren't aware of it previously.

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