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College Football Pick 'Em--Week One


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Okay, sorry for the delay in the update, but here's what happened in week one: the favorites all won, and it was just a question of by how much--in many cases, it turned out that the answer was "a lot" (except for Florida, who parlayed a near-complete inability to get the ball from the center to the quarterback into a surprisingly tight game with Miami of Ohio, which was coming off a year in which they were one of the worst college football teams I've seen in a long time). Here are the results:


Big Winner of the Week: Thaak, with 13 points


Surprisingly Correct Pick of the Week: Ballpeen, our resident Florida homer, somehow managed to be one of the few people not to pick the Gators to cover the spread against what has been a terrible Miami team.


Shameful Dog of the Week: Make Sweet Love to Michigan's Visage, with 7 points


Shameful Dog, Awesome Winning Percentage of the Week: In terms of sheer number of correct picks, nmills had by far the fewest, with 1 point. However, he also only picked one game, making him tops in the competition this week with a 1.000 batting average. Keep up the good work, slugger!


Here's how the rest of it turned out:





Dency's Winners--12


Pryor 4 Heisman--11


Ballantyne Boosters-11




Mark O--10

Jax Buckeyes Pimp--10



Buckeyes 1968--9

The Hammer--9


Make Sweet Love to Michigan's Visage--7


Vegas Lou--0


If you can't figure out the season-to-date, then there's something wrong with you.




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No, no, no...you misunderstand me, my dear Ballpeen--it wasn't a shot at the Gators, it was merely pointing out the oddity of you being one of the very small handful of people who picked Miami to beat the spread (which, given Florida's recent success and Miami's recent failures, wasn't all that big).


As for this weekend's game, my initial response to the spread (14 points) is that Florida should cover easily and will probably come close to doubling it.



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