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Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL


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Hey Guys.


Please delete/move if this is not the correct spot for this thread, but I saw an interesting show on TV last night called "Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL" (on TSN in Canada). I had never seen this show/series before, and seeing as how I am up here in Montreal, this may be old news (we tend to get things a little bit later than everyone else).


Did anyone see this?


It was an interesting behind the scenes look featuring Marty Gilyard, Ben Tate, CJ Spiller, Colt McCoy and Joe Haden. It showed clips from Draft day all the way to the end of preseason, and provided some interesting looks into the personalities of these players.


What I found most interesting/surprising was an exchange between Carlton Mitchell and McCoy in Canton, where McCoy was trying to answer Mitchell's question of where the Browns play. McCoy did not know the Browns played in the AFC, thought they played in the "AFC EAST", and didn't even know who played in our division!... Do you think Payton Manning knew what division the Colts played in when he was drafted? Just sayin...


It also followed the exchange between Colt and his coaches when Mangini let him have it for throwing a possible game tying hail mary 10 yards out of bounds. Colt's reply was that he didnt want it to get picked going the other way... which prompted a response from one of his coaches informing him that "it was the last play of the game"... I'm starting to get the impression that Colt has a lot more work to do before he is even close to being a starting NFL QB (if ever).


It also gives a good look at the swagger that Joe Haden brings to the secondary. This guy doesn't lack confidence, thats for sure, a welcome addition to our defensive backfield that we havent had for a while.


Anyways, I think it airs on ESPN2, but if you haven't already seen it, I suggest you keep an eye out. Very interesting stuff.






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