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Cincinnati -- Charity-minded callers are getting intercepted by a sex phone line because of a misprint on Chad Ochocinco Cereal boxes.

The phone number is supposed to connect callers to Feed the Children, which benefits from sales of the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver's namesake cereal.


But because the box has the wrong toll-free prefix, they get a seductive-sounding woman who makes risque suggestions and then asks for a credit card number.


Ochocinco told WCPO-TV that the number was clearly a mistake and he's sure that the maker will fix the problem.

A message was left Thursday for Pittsburgh-based PBL Sports, which specializes in such limited-edition products featuring star athletes and their favorite charities.


The Cincinnati Enquirer spoke to one family that made the surprising discovery Wednesday night.

Tara Sand of Reading told the paper her sister-in-law called the number on speaker phone. The family was interested in perhaps donating to the children's charity. "


That's when we heard the lovely sex line that was on there," Sand, 28, said sarcastically Thursday. "Needless to say, I thought she had dialed the wrong number. We quickly turned it off because our daughter, Lexi, who is 9, was looking at us with lots of questions on her face."

Sand said her husband redialed the number to make sure – and came up with the sex line again. So she called her mother – and her mother said her cereal box also listed the same wrong number. "We were quite astonished," Sand told the newspaper.

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This probably wasn't a misprint. I'm guessing it's just another way for Ochocinco to get publicity for himself and his stupid f'n cereal. This dude is the definition of a media whore.


To Browns DB's: Please hit Chad & T.O. hard, repeat until both carried off the field on a stretcher...

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