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Delhomme Closer To Return


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Delhomme gets closer to return for Browns

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on September 30, 2010 2:03 PM ET



When I made my Week Four pick of the Browns over the Bengals, I noted that the pick would self-destruct in one quarter if Jake Delhomme wound up starting over Seneca Wallace.


It looks like I'm in trouble. (Note: Florio is also in trouble, since he chose the Browns. And I may as well take this moment to be an ass and point out I'm 34-14 over the first three weeks, while Florio is 32-16. He's trying to keep these numbers secret since he's yet to win a week.)


Delhomme returned to practice on Thursday, almost three weeks removed from suffering a high ankle sprain. Coach Eric Mangini said Delhomme would start if healthy.


"Yeah. He's our starter. We've got to see. If he's ready to start, he'll start," Mangini said Thursday via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.


The coach said Delhomme would be limited in practice Thursday after missing work Wednesday. His use of "if he's ready" could be Mangini's out. Perhaps the team will see Delhomme isn't fully healthy, so Seneca Wallace will get one more start.


That's my hope anyway after Wallace's solid effort in Baltimore.

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I'm not sure what to think of Jake vs Seneca. Both haven't had much time to get into game rhythm with the receivers. It's a tough call.


I do like how Seneca improved in just one week practicing with the #1s. He did well against a tough Raven's D and he add another threat with his legs.


Delhomme didn't get much of a chance and did throw a poorly advised pass for an int (which Seneca did also). JD is older and a statue behind the line.


It's a tough choice, but my gut tells me Seneca is the way to go for now. Give him some more time and he has another factor Delhomme doesn't.

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Seneca it is.


If after that good show against the Ravens, Seneca is not started then it will be demoralizing for him. If Jake had a bad outing against the Bengals then we will have 2 sullen QB's which we dont want. Unless and until we have a legit WR threat I dont see the need to JD and his arm. For now all we need is a QB who is ball smart and is capable of making the passes that can save him.

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Here we are again faced with a opportunity for an up-and-coming back-up to step up and take this team over. Seneca should get the start and let's see if he can step up to the plate and make next weeks decision a damn tough one with two healthy QB's to chose from.


Take this damn team over Seneca (someone). Make damn good throws and decisions. Strap this damn team on your God damn back and let's roll.


It's there for the taking. Good Defense, Run game, Good Special teams ... WANTED: a Damn Good QB to complete the puzzle. We have to start growing ... someone needs to step-up ... SUNDAY, not someday.



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I agree with you guys, but when I read the article, Mangini states that Jake is the starter. I've been a support of Mangini but putting Jake back in when Seneca has been improving will be a huge mistake, IMO.


But who really knows? Jake could state and light it up, though I doubt it.

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