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The REAL Unsung hero of Sunday's win...


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I love Peyton Hillis as much as the next guy but the TRUE unsung hero in my eye was Matt Roth.


If you watch him, he kept pushing the RT (no matter who they rotated in there) back into Carson Palmer's face all day long. Matt Roth was 110% for 60 minutes and it was fitting that he chased down Palmer for the sack to take them out of FG range.


I'm sorry. I just don't hear or read anything about Matt's performance today and I had to point this out.


Honorable mention: Kenyon Coleman? Can I get some respect now please? When he was traded from the Jets so many people dismissed this guy as a castoff who "wasn't good enough for Rex Ryan's team". The dude played well yesterday and showed the kind of professional he is. He came in off injury without practicing all week yet knew his keys, played hard and made plays.

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Funny how the coaching staff gets no praise when there's a win.


Rich Gannon praised Daboll in the first half...


At least one writer (Clark Judge) thought well enough to write:


Five things I like

3. Eric Mangini's decision to accept an offensive pass-interference call after Cleveland stopped the Bengals on third–and-3 at the Browns' 31 late in the fourth quarter. The move was a gamble, especially with Carson Palmer taking apart the Browns' secondary, but it paid off when Matt Roth sacked the Bengals' quarterback. Cincinnati never got the ball back. What Mangini did was demonstrate to his defensive players that he believed in them to make a crucial stop. And they responded.

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