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Fantasy Baseball Results


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It was another well-played and excellent baseball fantasy season, my favorite of the fantasy leagues. Dirty Hands and Spectrum's Hoodrats were neck and neck for the lead for the better part of the season, with the Hands wrestling control away the last week of the season. My Seamen shot into a second place tie with a last minute spurt.


The Hands had three of the top dozen players in the league: Joey Votto, Paul Konerko and Robinson Cano. They managed their pitching staff well and scored in the top half of every single category, doing especially well in the power numbers.


The Hoodrats were easily the most solid team from top to bottom for most of the season, drafting sluggers like Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Holiday and Evan Longoria, stud pitchers like Jered Weaver and David Price, and using the waiver wire to pick up jewels like Buster Posey. But they burned out their innings early and Hands passed them by.


My team fought injury and disappointment, but I thought I shook up my pitching staff pretty well all season to stay into it until the end.


Beanpot finished fourth, which is probably the lowest he has ever finished in any fantasy league. Our resident Baseball Nut is on suicide watch.


Cimo finished a respectable 5th, scoring 70 in a very competitive league.


Rudy's Steamer's topped the next group with a 61, but his poor ERA and WHIP led to a sixth place finish


Balpeen finished a solid seventh, micro-managing the whole way ... but had a knipschit when I traded McCann for Strasburg. At least I was trying ... who knew Stras would go down?


The Ol' Buzzard, Rich4Eagle, tried to scrap a team together but just didn't have the horses and finished 8th. As far as I know, he didn't accuse anyone of cheating, which is a first, maybe the old codger is getting soft.


The Hammer had some nice pitching numbers, but an anemic offense led to his 9th place finish


Then there were the ladies: The fur was flying till the very end to decide who would finish dead last, and Heidi pulled it out by a short hair over Kathy's team. It is fair to say Kathy's teams don't fare well unless she calls them "Mayhem".




1. Dirty Hands 85.5 (Tim)


2. Spectrums Hoodrats 79.5 (Spectrum)

2. Naples Seamen 79.5 (Zombo)


4. Beanpot 72.5 (Beanpot)


5. Bo Knows Baseball 70 (Cimo)


6. Cleveland Steamers 61 (Rudy)


7. Colonels 56 (Balpeen)


8. Ballantyne Buzzards 53 (Rich4Eagle)


9. The Hammer 45 (Hammer)


10. TeamTribe 29.5 (Heidi)


11. Greenville Sox 28.5 (Kathy woof woof)


Congrats again, Tim ... See you all next year!



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