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In light of recent penalties, my Crystal Ball says...

Canton Mike

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Future Brown's success will be predicated on "messages" sent this year.

For the first time in a long time......

--Receivers will (and have already begun to..) hear footsteps.

--Opposing DBs (and even LBs) will NOT want to hit Hillis head on (already happening).

--Defensive Coordinators MUST consider the strength of our OL.

To be a winning Team, there has to be a "fear factor" for opponents. We are starting to develop that....It's a good thing.

As players who can & do intimidate the opposition, can we say (alphabetically) Cribbs, Hillis, Thomas, & Ward? Soon to be added are Haden (start him NOW!) & Mack (His recent penalty showed me guts & that "in your face" mentality!)....These young men are building blocks & there are more to come. We are finally moving away from "finesse" toward "intimidation" & I, for one, LOVE IT!!!!


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Excellent !


I look forward to Haden starting. You get some excellent young talent with CHARACTER and LOVE FOR THE GAME,


and they become playmakers and buttkickers.


Bout time. Any defense the Browns play have to be intimidated after seeing the Browns manhandle the ratbirds defense.


And shutting down the run? Priceless ! THESE Browns mean BUSINESS !

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