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Shoulder update


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Physical therapy is coming along great, so they say.


It's been nearly three months, and I graduated to 1 lb weights this week, doing certain exercizes


to develop strength again. My flexibility, per my surgeon, is ahead of schedule, going great.


I asked him about using my chainsaw, and he just grinned and shook his head. He said he bought himself


a tiny little battery operated chainsaw, really light. He said I could get hurt using that one, too.


The muscles around the shoulder protect the rotator cuff ligaments. He said I had a very bad tear,


since it couldn't be torn worse than completely apart, and I have to do physical therapy with weights,


and keep working for more motion in my shouder for another six to eight weeks. Then, he said I should be good to go.


The worry is, to accidently have something happen where I use my arm wrong, and tear the repair.


I still say, the next time I may ever fall again, I'm keeping my arms at my sides, and just going ahead


and hit my head into the ground, that way all that happens is I dent the ground.


Rotator cuff injuries take about 5-6 months to recover from, and I'm halfway there.

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I wish I had gone to school and become a physical therapy assistant. That's a cool job, hard but fun. It's a two year program, after the




I graduated to a weight lifting machine today. It has about thirty settings. I'm on setting two. I think it's called the "rebuilding or wimpy" setting.... LOL

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