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Major voter fraud - Obama admin denying soldiers' right to vote


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American military folks vote highly, highly conservative.


There was talk last pres election of a few states trying to not count


votes from our military folks, now, the Obama admin gave WAIVERS to


several states, so they would not have to comply with the MOVE act.


My naming of the Obama Mafia seems more and more and more appropriate, I think.


The Obamao regime is by far, the most corrupt, divisive, and dangerous admin ever to cross


America. Wilson ran a close second.


The Obamao regime is suing Arizona to ALLOW illegal immigration, but they won't sue


the new black panthers over voter intimidation, and they haven't sued the states who aren't getting


the ballots to OUR SERVICEMEN and SERVICEWOMEN. This is another deliberate attempt to manipulate


everything in the left's favor, as much as they possibly can...well, until they have that "civilian security force", eh?


Yes, we are in big, big, big trouble.


Obamao must be impeached, and real Americans with real American principles and values must take our country back.



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Does the word "Landslide" frighten the Obamao regime?


Its time to throw the crooks out.



And the Press will sweep these allegations under the rug.


Whatever happened to two angry men and a typewriter?



I'm sure we will see the same response to this from the justice department as we did with the Black Panthers.

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