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Mass pessimism in Obama's America

Mr. T

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Americans See Children's Future Dim in Poll as 50% Pessimistic



"Americans say they have weathered the worst of the longest recession in seven decades, even as they are pessimistic about prospects for their retirement years, according to a Bloomberg National Poll. "I see some hope, but not a lot," says poll respondent Brian Ridlon, 34, an out-of-work resident of Green Mountain, Arkansas, who wants to learn how to become a barber.


"There are some avenues to improve yourself, but we need more." What optimism there is about the immediate future doesn't carry over to the longer term.


Pluralities of those polled say they're not hopeful they will have enough money in retirement and expect they will have to keep working to make up the difference. More than 50 percent aren't confident or are just somewhat confident their children will have better lives than they have...


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