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Broadway Joe endorses Colt

St. Louis Browns

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Broadway Joe likes Colt McCoy


By Sean McClelland | Friday, October 15, 2010, 10:51 PM

If you spend time listening to satellite radio, you may have heard Joe Namath’s take on the Browns’ new starting quarterback, Colt McCoy.


Namath is one who thinks McCoy has a good chance of coming out of Heinz Field in one piece Sunday.


He stops short of saying the Browns will beat the Steelers.


Friday on SIRIUS NFL Radio’s “The Broadway Blitz,” Namath said, “I tell you what, there’s another rookie quarterback in the league that’s playing named (Sam) Bradford, but McCoy has the kind of mind, I believe, that suits him for this game. I wouldn’t know another quarterback, a young quarterback like that, that could handle this kind of game. Knowing McCoy’s background, I’ve just got a good feeling that young man’s ready.”


Can’t you just hear those words spilling past Namath’s lips. And he was right once, don’t forget.


“I think he’ll be able to handle his part of the job,” Namath continued. “I don’t know that the Cleveland Browns offensive line will be able to handle their part of the job, or the receivers holding on to the ball. I expect McCoy to make good decisions and throw the ball accurately, given the time. … I didn’t say they were going to win the game now. I’m not saying he’s not going to get knocked down and all that. I’m saying that Colt McCoy is not going to make a lot of bad decisions. He’s gonna know where to go with the football and he’s going to be an accurate passer. I do like him as a future top-notch quarterback in the NFL.”


And he went on …

“I’m just going with my trained eyes and knowing something about Mack Brown and Texas football. We’ve watched Colt McCoy over the last three, four years play a lot of big college games. I don’t think that he is going to get caught up in the enormity of the game that he is confronted with this week. One way he could look at it though, say, ‘Hey, man, after playing the Steelers in my first pro game everything else is going to seem easy.’ “

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