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Dedicated Browns Fan


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I have known "Ice" for a number of years as he and his group of new England Browns Backers would join up with our group in the Muni.


I ran in to him while entering the stadium before the Cincy game where he told me he had moved there to follow his dream.


I will link a good article which offers some vid and pictures.


When we met we talked for 10-15 minutes and I wished him luck and said I would help him if I could. By spreading this article and link, maybe that is the help I offered by putting it in front of someone who knows someone who might help this guy continue to live the dream he seeks.



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Unbelievable and it takes big balls to do this especially all the way from Connecticut in a 1992 vehicle and when the browns are not even faring to well, I have nothing but respect for Mr. Barr, Someone in the area needs to give this guy a little love, even though im betting he will do just fine for himself..


A great story here about a guy that re-defines the words DIEHARD BROWNS FAN!

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