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The Browns Board sets new record High


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The Browns Board set a new record high shortly after Colt McCoy debuted in the loss at Pittsburgh. The most Browns Board users ever online was set at 1,242 on Yesterday at 06:27 PM.


Add in the Browns Boards facebook page nearing almost 1500 friends (at 1481 this morning) and it is safe to say that The Browns Board online Community is reaching it's highest peak ever.


Special Thanks to Ed, Don & other regulars for carrying over the cyber community to the Tailgate lot prior to each Home Game. With large endorsement to our parties this season, it too has shared in the fun and healthiness of the forum.


Thank-you to all Members for contributing to the experience here. Most of all, we really appreciate the growth without having to invest an abundance of moderation to our mature membership base mixed with many opposing fans. Hats off to all.

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