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Beanpot's League: beanpottickets-1.png


Three teams regained their winning form, abandoning T's Jelly Donuts to a solitary existence in the cellar.


Outstanding coaching by Beanpot elicited winning performances by Dwayne Bowe (25) and Arian Foster (23) Calfox, still griping about his late round draft position, daringly started Cleveland Rookie QB Colt McCoy who posted 8 points in his first fantasy start. Four other players on the Kosardawgs followed Colt's lead also scoring 8 each. The Dawgs fell short overall giving the victory and the Viagra trophy to Beanpot 104-79. Colt McCoy's satisfying inaugural success was not enough to win him the starting job for Calfox who has already replaced him with another rookie, Sam Bradford.


Huskymania bravely soldiered on with the all-Packer squad. TE Jermichael Finley won't play another game this season after undergoing knee surgery for a torn meniscus. Finley remained active in the 'Mania lineup even though he has been officially placed on IR. Insert Clever Name, refusing to surrender to chance, took advantage of Jeremy Maclin's 29 point romp over Atlanta to win 94-57.


The Cleveland Browns' defense managed a +1 performance against one of their conference rivals. That was just enough for Zombo's WildDawgs to eke out a victory over Dot the I. Zombo trailed Dot the I prior to MNF and had to watch nervously as Maurice Jones-Drew covered enough yardage to push the team over the top. Zombo 77, Dot the I 76.


Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi did his duty on behalf of his namesake by knocking off the Ballantyne Buckeyes. The Buckeyes started the returning Pittsburgh QB who scored 21 points against the Browns. The Buckeyes did leave Hines Ward (14) and Ray Williams (15) on the bench warming up to Eli Manning (15). Draw your own conclusions. Could the Ballantyne Buckeyes have won without the-QB-formerly-known-as-Big-Ben? Buckeyes get their bell rung: TCM 61, Buckeyes 60. At least one good thing happened to a Massaquoi this week.


T's Jelly Donuts must have realized by now that stale pastries, warm beer and a chilly hot tub won't attract a replacement to the basement. The Jellies are going to have to take advantage of that #1 waiver position to get off the schneid. NavDawgs win in a walk, 101-54, taking home the Toyota Award.


The Usual Suspects faced a 'Big Game, Big Game" in an attempt to secure a share of the lead. The Suspects, favored by 7 with their first team active, demonstrated optimism by choosing themselves to win in the weekly poll. Greenville Mayhem pinned high hopes on Tony Romo who came through with 20 points. Five of Mayhem's players chalked up 11 points each. Mayhem was overheard to declare, "I'm thinking 11 is my new lucky number!" The final score gives Mayhem a record of 6-0-0, two games ahead of the nearest competitor. Mayhem 90, Suspects 67.

Oreo's League oreocookie.jpg


Hammertime clawed his way out of last place by 1 point, leaving the cellar to a trio of misfits. A pair of Harrisons stunned the Bronx Browns: Jerome (0), inactive after being sent to Philly by Cleveland, and James, who knocked Massaquoi (0) out of his game. The Harrison boys cost the Bronx Browns any chance of victory. hammertime 72, Bronx 71.


Ben There Raped That finally managed a win but at 1-5-0 still shares the digs at rock bottom. The win came while the notorious real life Ben was left on his seat. Matt Schaub (18) filled the QB spot for Ben There. Lambdo's Air Show just ran out of gas and landed with 61 total points. BTRT brought home 95 points, one win, the coveted Toyota Trophy AND the Viagra Award.


Kamac19 fills out the trailing trio. Oreo's Team were the undercats but Andre' Johnson (23) assured success for the resurgent feline. Oreo 82, Kamac 75,


DD's ran down the Choo Choo's in an upset. DD's DeSean Jackson (17) and Austin Collie (16) more than made up for Willis McGahee (0) to sidetrack the Choo Choo's. Final: 90-89.


In another upset special, The Hammer spilled the Beans. Lackluster performances by the entire Beanpot squad allowed The Hammer to deliver the pounding. Hammer 90, Beanpot 62.


The Kentucky BarnBurners blazed a trail to the top of Oreo's League with 4 wins in a row. This week they washed away the dirty hands, 84-73.


The Heidi Report heidisix-1.jpg

My Helmet's 2Tight 5-1-0 63, Ballantyne Bruisers 3-3-0 60

Not a high scoring game but a close one found Ballantyne Bruisers and Helmet keeping their same places in the standings with Bruisers at 3rd and Helmet in 2nd. Ballantyne's ego not being bruised vowed to regroup and come back to win next week by quoting Scarlet O'Hara by saying "As God is my witness, I'll never fumble again. After all, tomorrow is another day". and Helmet was overheard saying, "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".

Top scorers: My Helmet's 2Tight: Calvin Johnson 20, Percy Harvin 11

Ballantyne Bruisers: Aaron Rodgers 16, Ahmad Bradshaw 10.


Brownies 2-4-0 61, why cant we win 1-5-0 90

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Look who got their important first win of the season and congrats to 'em.

"I knew it had to happen sooner or later" said why cant we win's coach. "We brought out the Hail Mary and burnt the Brownies for our first win". And it was a nice win by 29 points. Ahh, the sweet smell of victory. It's smells like burnt Brownies.

Top scorers: Brownies: Vernon Davis 12, Jahvid Best 9

why cant we win: Drew Brees 21, Mike Wallace 15


RunninUover 1-5-0 58, ImisstheKosarDays 3-3-0 79

He may be missing the Kosar days but he is playing with a .500 average (3-3) with a 2 game winning streak while RunninUover is in a 5 game losing skid.

Top scorers: RunninUover: Steven Jackson 14, Roddy White and Jabar Gaffney both w/11


lets go browns 3-3-0 72, Tecmo Bo 3-3-0 95

Tecmo Bo evened up the W-L record between these 2 teams with a win over lets go brownies with the help of hi QB Kevin Kolb since he's completed 73.3 percent of his attempts and has a 118.3 passer rating.

Top scorers: lets go brownies: Chris Johnson 16, Eli Manning 15

Tecmo Bo: Kevin Kolb 22, Greg Jennings 20.


fatherof3 3-3-0 68, stewartcj1 3-3-0 67

This league almost had their first tie game with this extremely close game but the kids of fatherof3 can be proud of Dad for winning this one by a hair. Both teams were pretty even going into this weeks match up with predicted scores of 73 and 74 respectively. And it don't matter how you make it there, even if by only a point after and with the help of Steelers Mendenhall, a win is a win and ya take it any way you can get it.

Top scorers: fatherof3: Tony Gonzalez 16, Rashard Mendenhall 15

stewartcj1: Matt Schaub 18, Johnny Knox 13.


Nw220 3-3-0 73, Cleveland Steamers 6-0-0 124

This brings us to this week's Greatest Fantasy Victor at no big surprise, Cleveland Steamers over Nw220 with a big +51 points.Is there no stopping Steamers from rolling over all of league 3? After this week's victory head coach was heard calling for his next victim (keeping with the Halloween spirit) "Tecmo Bo!??I'm steaming after you, I want your blood"! Bwwaaaaahhhh!!


The Great Zomboni Wizardzomboniheadshot.jpg

Trouble at the top in League 4, as the four top teams each lost, leaving the Big Bad Dawgs with just a half game lead over five teams at 4-2.


One those 4-2 teams is Bermecks KY Hicks who took down the Dawgs 84-78 behind a big day from Dwayne Bowe and ... yes ... the Steelers defense over the poor, undermanned Browns. You tell me how this guy sleeps at night.


Jumping Jack Flash also joined the ranks at 4-2 by bringing Polk High down a peg. The Flash had 54 points from their three receivers alone and they were too much to overcome despite a gutsy performance by the Polker's Kevin Kolb.


The TXChainsawMassaquois did some ice carving on Mr. Freeze's Snowmen 97-61, earning the Viagra high-scorer of the week honors. Arian Foster had "one of those games" again for the TCM who moved to 3-3, a game back of the Snowmen and four others.


The FleaFlickers poured it on over Team Inglewoodjack 95-68 behind a big game from Drew Brees. I'm sure the Flickers will respectfully sit Mr. Brees this week.


CalFox's KosarDawgs kept the hardluck Werewolves of Linden unbeaten this week by moving to 2-4 with a 78-71 victory. Andre Johnson and Greg Jennings starred for the KosarDawgs.


Finally, what is left to say about my pathetic Real McCoys? It only would've taken 55 points to beat the Huskymania this week, but I managed only 44 behind an incredible three goose eggs: Greg Olsen, Kevin Walter and the Bears Defense. Not a single point among them. This is the most pathetic team I have ever had ... but our young quarterback looked promising. Hmmm, sound familiar.






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