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For Heck - Bush Deficit vs Obamao's DEFICIT


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Heck, man up for a change. There is no comparison that you can make, that


absolves Obomao from responsibility for skyrocketing the federal deficit that yes, Bush and


those reps in Congress did start.


Look at the GIGANTIC increase. That is what we are saying Heck.


Read and learn for a change.







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Why, because you keep wimping out and changing the subject?




You wanted to ignore Obamao's deficit explosion by putting the attention on Bush


because he had one too.


More cowardly liberal "moral relativism".


Say, have you ever grown the nads to start your own thread? Or are you afraid of


being attacked, like you always attack?




Kick his butt again, Steve. It's your turn...

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So, Heck,


Where are your comments on the graph? Can you see the difference between the relatively small


fed deficit under Bush, and the gigantic increase under Obamao?


"Yes, you can".


You know what we've been saying, Heck. You can dispense with the denial. It doesn't work here.

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