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X NFL Players Workers Compensation California

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As California Workers39 Comp Case Emerges The NFL Gets Proactive . Currently The NFL And Players Union Reimburses Medical Costs For Former Players And Their Families They May Have Decided To Recently Become More Proactive Due To A Pending Workers Compensation Lawsuit Here In California .


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Some NFL Teams Questioning Retired Players39 Workers39 Compensation . The New York Times Reports That About 700 Retired NFL Players Are Pursuing Their Workers Compensation Claims In California The Majority Of Them Are Likely To Receive Lump Sum Settlements In The 100K 200K Range Dispute To Court Michael S Carona The Former Sheriff Of Orange County California April 21 2010 911 PM ExUnion Pacific Railroad Welder Files FELA Lawsuit For Repetitive Strain Injuries Jeffrey W Stevens Has Filed A FELA Lawsuit Against Union .




This is going to be the biggest bargaining chip for the players association with their contract negotiations.


And they have there dumb ape (Harrison) leading the charge that the coaches teach poor tackling techniques.


So should they be compensated or are players like Harrison just stupid?

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