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Stans old lady

Westside Steve

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So the Kat called it at Barbarino's Friday night.

Predicted the win after analyses of the last couple seasons.


I wanna ask her for the Lotto number.




She just knew that she was going to wear her luck orange thong. Always a sure thing...



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And here all thought her luck was all used up in landing me!



Only thing she wants from you is tickets to Vegas and a room at Bellagio................


someday you will get it............keep him in the dark KAT that is easy

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Something tells me that went the other way, in a very lopsided way.


I agree...


I'd say without question that Stan really outkicked the coverage..... (to keep it football related)...


And the something that tells you is that you've met both of them...just like I have.. :-)

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