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Eric Mangini breaks down QB dilemma


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Doesnt really matter to me which one starts, all 3 are better options than we had last year, and while many fans want to see more colt (myself included) the coaches want and need experience out there, dabs did a great job of catering to mccoys stengths the past 2 weeks and colt done a great job of managing both games with uncanny discipline and grit for a rookie in the face of 2 big name clubs, we have a lot to look forward to over the next 2 or so years!


But imho colt now needs to reflect for a while on the fact he most likely has what it takes to be successful but that he also had some very good sideline coaching from veteran jake delhomme and a well crafted plan from dabs that really combined with his own discipline and desire to help him excel beyond many rookies capabilities, how many rookie QBs can say they were a key part in defeating the defending world champs and their idol in only their second start?


Mangini will avoid a looming QB controversy and start jake or seneca if one of them is ready and give colt that time to reflect and look forward with hunger to his next opportunity to impress....;)

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