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If the Playoffs started today Week 8

The Gipper

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If the playoffs started today the following teams would be in the playoffs:




Division winners: NY Giants with #1 seed, the Bears, Falcons, and Seahawks

Wildcards: Tampa Bay and the Redskins




Division winners: NY Jets with #1 seed, Steelers, Titans, Chiefs

Wildcards: Patriots and Ravens


Still on line for that NY-NY Super Bowl possibility.

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I hope the Can-gini crowd notices @ this point in the season, every one of the Browns losses has been to a team that would make the playoffs- and with the exception of the Steelers game, they were all close.

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What would be worse is another steelers vs cowboys, but we ccan count out the cowboys because they suck worse than us.



How about matchups we would like to see from the group I posted above? How about Tennesse vs. Atlanta.

I wonder how our boy Ballpeen would like that one?


Or how about the PISB? "Politically Incorrect Super Bowl" Redskins vs. Chiefs.


Though one of those backyard brawls could be entertaining: Giants vs. Jets or Ravens vs. Redskins.

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The NFC is weird this year for sure, but it does look like the Giants are coming to life. Tom Coughlin is really under rated- it looked like he and his team were dead after week 3.


AFC-wise, as much as it pains me, I think the Steelers are the team to beat. I doubt they'd let Sanchez beat them in a playoff game. I also would put Indy & the Pats above the Ratbirds. Either KC or Oakland will win the West, but neither is ready for the next step.


The hype would be too much to take if it was Giants-Jets in the Superbowl. The networks would hype it more than Yanks/Red Sox.

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